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Fun Find Friday

March 14, 2014

Location: Streets of America, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Throughout the majority of the year, the Streets of America are an often overlooked section of Disney's Hollywood Studios since guests can't see a dazzling display of lights. However, the Streets are something guests shouldn't just simply pass up. This section is great for photo ops and also has it's fair share of fun finds scattered throughout as well! Today, we will be taking a look at a fun find on San Francisco street!

Streets of America

If you look at the end of the street, just before the hill begins, you can find several different newspaper dispensers awaiting guests (the easiest one to see in the picture above is right in front of the purple building). To help celebrate of a Disney/Pixar film, Imagineers who created this facade added in a little detail that goes unnoticed by most guests. The newspaper for sale is celebrating one of the most beloved Pixar films and their blockbuster weekend:

Up poster

While difficult to see, the poster on the left hand side is for the film, UP! This isn't the only subtle reference to a Disney film on this wall so keep your eyes peeled for more fun finds in this area in the future!


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