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March 4, 2011

Location: Walt Disney Studio, Burbank, California

After Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released, Walt used the money to build a brand new studio. Shortly after the Studio was built several people began to request tours of the lot (much like other Studios did at the time). The idea never felt like a good one to Walt and he decided to give fans a tour in a very unique way: through film!

In 1941 Disney released a film entitled The Reluctant Dragon. While filming this movie people began to discuss what land marks they would show viewers around the studios. One idea that came out of this was having the main person in the film, Robert Benchley, arrive at the corner of Mickey Avenue and Dopey Drive. The only problem was, this was the first time anyone had ever heard of these two streets.

The film makers decided to build the street corner and show Mr. Benchley standing at the corner as part of a fun gag in the film. The plan was to then take the street signs down.

Luckily, people at the studio loved the way the signed look and decided the last thing they should do is take down this cute sign.

It was decided that the sign would stay. Amazingly enough, this is the only street sign in the entire Walt Disney Studio. True, other streets found throughout the lot do have names (Donald Avenue, Snow White Boulevard, E Street, and Minnie Avenue), but none of them are given the honor of having a the Walt Disney Studio lot that is!

After Disney-MGM Studios was built, one section of the park was named Mickey Avenue (after the one at the Walt Disney Studio lot). After some debate it was decided that this Mickey Avenue would not intersect with Dopey Drive here, but with Minnie Avenue instead.

You can still find Mickey Avenue and Minnie Avenue's intersection near the entrance to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian exhibit.


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