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Fun Find Friday

September 20, 2013

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Happy Albert week everyone! In honor of Albert's favorite things, this week we are going to be traveling over to Adventureland to take a look at the Swiss Family Treehouse and see how it ties up one loose end from the film.

In the 1960 film, Swiss Family Robinson, our main characters get shipwrecked on an island and use the debris from the ship, along with natural landscape, to build a house. An unbelievable, all your friends would be so jealous, tree house! Naturally, after the film was completed, Walt decided to invite guests into a reproduction of the tree house in Disneyland. The attraction, Swiss Family Treehouse, opened in Disneyland in 1962 and opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971.

Swiss Family Treehouse

While exploring the treehouse, there is one room that can be found in the Magic Kingdom that can't be found in the film. Any guesses on which?

Swiss Family Treehouse

Guests can visit the living area where the family celebrated Christmas, had their dinners, and played the famous Swissapolka on the organ!

Swiss Family Robinson

Mother and Father's room in the film has it all! A bed with a killer bedsheet (as seen in the picture), a roof that opens up to look at the stars, and amazing views. While the bed at the Magic Kingdom is extremely small and there is no roof that opens up, the views are breathtaking here as well!

Swiss Family Treehouse

Both kitchens in the film and park are very impressive with fresh fruit, running water, and an amazing refridgerator!

Swiss Family Treehouse

While all the rooms found in the Swiss Family Treehouse can be found in the film, the boys room is only looked at from below. For the first time ever, guests can actually see what Fritz, Ernst, and Francis' room looks like! Now the only question is, with two hammocks and three boys, who got stuck on the floor?


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