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April 8, 2011

Location: Future World East, Epcot

Ahh, the automobile! Man has always been inspired to make it bigger and better throughout history. When it comes to Disney vehicles though, one man stands above the rest. And no, it's not you Bob Gurr. Sorry, but the man we are talking about is Goofy.

In 1943, Disney released a cartoon entitled "Victory Vehicles," which helped Americans realize that they would need to cut down on gasoline and car use. In order to come up with new solutions, citizens (which all look remarkably similar to Goofy) were asked to come up with ideas.

The short would go on to show vehicles such as the Cat Chase Car, Jump Rope Car, Lasso Car, Golf Car, and a whole lot more! Each had some sort of crazy gag attached to it. For instance, the Cat Chase Car (as you can see in the picture below) had a cat standing in front of Pluto, who was on a treadmill. Pluto chasing after the cat would inspire the wheels of the car to move forward resulting in a brand new mode of transportation!


I know, I know: Brent, what does this have to do with Epcot? Well, when Test Track was built in place of World of Motion (another Fun Find for another time), a new gift shop was added to the exit, Inside Track. Within this store there used to be a Kidcot Fun Stop that allowed smaller guests to learn about cars, color, and have some fun while older members of their party took on the life of a crash test dummy.

The backdrop of this area featured nine of the cars featured in "Victory Vehicles." Luckily, when the Kidcot spot was pulled from here, the display remained. Sure, there is a merchandise display covering up part of the area, but you can still find all nine of the infamous "Victory Vehicles" here! Not a bad way to incorporate an obscure short cartoon into the parks!


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