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Fun Find Friday

July 24, 2015

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Tom Sawyer's island has always been one of my favorite locations inside the Magic Kingdom. With adventure around every corner, there is so much to explore. Naturally, this leads to some pretty amazing discoveries along the way. Today we are going to be stopping by Harper's Mill (the story behind the name of the Mill will be looked at in a future Fun Find Friday).

Harper's Mill

Within the mill, guests can see several different cogs working together and resulting in some strange noises including a bird chirping. The bird, seen below, rides around on a cog while sitting on top of its nest. To the casual visitor to Harper's Mill, nothing seems to be extra special. However, there of course is more here than meets the eye (or in this case, ear).

Harper's Mill The Old Mill

Back in 1929, Walt Disney was riding off the success of his new rising star, Mickey Mouse, and decided to create a new group of cartoons that didn't focus on a central character, but instead focused on new ways to enhance animation. The result? the Silly Symphonies!

In 1937, one of the most famous Silly Symphonies was released, The Old Mill. The short, which was the first time the multiplane camera was ever used, focuses around an old mill in the country where several animals live. One of these animals is naturally a bird sitting on a nest which sits on top of a cog. I know what you are thinking: That's what all the build up was for? Not quite.

In addition to the bird making an appearance in the short cartoon and Harper's Mill, the sound the cogs make is even more unique. While they are constantly going through a musical pattern that seems repetitive, and somewhat annoying, it is in fact reenacting the noise the frogs make in the short, while the bird chimes in on cue!


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