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Fun Find Friday

November 6, 2015

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

Time is a funny thing. It's always there no matter where we go and no matter what, everyone looks at time differently. In fact, when Disneyland first opened up in 1955, the idea of time wasn't as futuristic in Tomorrowland as one may have believed. Walt and his Imagineers decided to focus on the futuristic year of 1986.

Fairly quickly, the vision of tomorrow became a thing of the past and the Imagineers had to recreate what the future may look like. The same problem occurred in the Magic Kingdom when Tomorrowland first opened its doors and eventually in 1994 New Tomorrowland opened up not to represent what the future may be, but what the future could be.


So where are we going with this? Since the idea of the new Tomorrowland wasn't centered around a specific time, the entire area became time in a weird sort of way.

While walking through Tomorrowland pay close attention to what you are walking by, but more importantly, what you are walking on. Here you may notice that the ground consists of various gears scattered throughout the land. The reasoning behind this is the fact that the entire idea of the land works like the inside of a clock:everything works together while all focusing on the idea of time:



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