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February 1, 2013

One thing I have always loved about Walt Disney World is how deeply rooted they are in the past. While most companies brush off the things which helped them get to where they are, Disney takes the time to not only acknowledge it, but show it off at times.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Over at Disney's Wilderness Lodge one of the largest, and rarely seen, references to a Disney character can be found. Back in 1950, Disney introduced a new character named Humphrey the Bear. Humphrey would go on to star in 11 short cartoons (including my personal favorite In the Bag) and he became a pretty big deal. Due to Humphrey being a bear, he became a mascot of sorts for Disney's Wilderness Lodge and the bear was placed on totem poles, signs, and more.

That's not what we are talking about today though. During the planning stages for the resort, someone came up with a great way to immortalize Humphrey. No, it's not the totem pole, but the actual architecture of the resort! If you head out towards the geyser near Bay Lake and take a look at the resort, you would see the following image:

Humprhey the Bear at Wilderness Lodge

If you use your imagination, you will notice that the architecture of the building's main lobby is meant to represent a bear. The two windows at the top are Humphrey's eyes, while the window slightly below them and in the center represent his snout. In addition to this, the two wings of the building coming towards you on either side represent his paws! So there you have it! The only Disney character to have the entire architecture of a resort modeled after them! Not bad for a bear that was only going to be in one cartoon!


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