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Fun Find Friday

November 2, 2012

Location: World of Disney, Downtown Disney

World of Disney! It's the world's largest Disney store and has stories galore that are just waiting to be discovered by guests. While in the center section of the store (with the large television screen) guests can find giant figures of several different Disney characters. While most of these feature characters are flying overhead (like Peter Pan and gang or Aladdin), two have a nice subtle nod to their film that we will be taking a look at today. Let's start with the first person in our pair:

John Smith, the brave explorer who was sent to America and met the girl of his dreams, Pocahontas. When the film was released back in 1995 it was a big hit, and much like the rest of the early Disney films, it went on to win Academy Awards for Best Original Musical Score and Best Original Song. The song? Colors of the Wind! Now, let's take a look at John Smith's companion and title character of the film, Pocahontas:

If you take a look at both of these characters hanging from the ceiling it may take a second glance to realize the subtle difference to the film. Slung over John Smith's shoulder is a paintbrush (in replacement of his gun), while Pocahontas is using a paintbrush instead of an oar on her boat. Just showing that these two not only know how to paint with all the colors of the wind, but know how to use those colors for other purposes as well!

Next time you are in this enormous store, keep your eyes open! You'll never know what you may find!


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