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November 26, 2013

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights Frozen Week: Anna and Elsa in Disney Infinity

Happy Frozen week, everyone! I, as well as countless of Disney fans around the world, am extremely excited for the latest Disney animated classic, which promises to be as grand as the previous films before it. In celebration of such a joyous occasion, today we'll be taking a look at two upcoming figures for the highly acclaimed, Disney Infinity.

You might find it surprising that I finally get around to writing about Disney Infinity, especially since the last time I did was back in January when the game was unveiled for the first time. The problem is that I still don't own the game, and it is way too expansive to cover on just one column. While the time will come in which I cover the game in a detailed manner, instead I want to talk about the Frozen toy set.

Frozen Disney Infinity

Since its release, Disney Infinity has enjoyed great success with gamers and Disney fans alike thanks to amazing integration of toys and modern technology, as well as great gameplay that makes great use of the different Disney and Pixar properties involved. It has sold over a million copies across various platforms, and will likely continue to expand as the year rolls on. Despite that, the game has received some mild criticisms, especially regarding its use of licenses. The first is that despite being a Disney game, half of its licenses come from Pixar, and the Disney licenses used are from recent endeavors, making the game out to be a marketing platform to further capitalize on a film's release (which is the case of the Lone Range playset).

The other problem is that Disney Infinity is a release that caters more towards male Disney fans than it does female Disney fans. That has not stopped the game from having immense presence with all kinds of Disney fans, yet the absence of licenses that can appeal to female fans is clear. Disney Infinity features a lot of ideas that appeal mainly to boys, including superheroes (The Incredibles), pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean), cowboys and Indians (The Lone Ranger), and finally monsters (Monsters University). The release of the Frozen toy set alleviates one problem, but aggravates the other.

The first thing consumers should know about the Frozen toy set is that it is not a play set. In Disney Infinity, a play set release means that in addition to two new characters to play as during the game's missions and toy box mode, you get an additional set of missions that take place within the license's world. The Lone Ranger and Cars play sets are examples of that. A clear figure in the shape of the license's logo unlocks the missions.

The Frozen toy set lacks the ability to unlock new missions and story scenes based on the film of the same name. Instead, the game comes packaged with two figures: Anna and Elsa. It also comes with two power discs that can be used in toy box mode. That's right, the Frozen toy set is strictly for use in the game's toy box mode. This has been considered as being a bit of a disappointment as it feels like a missed opportunity. Rather than exploring Arendele and going on missions with Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, players will have to use Anna and Elsa and additional playable characters within the user created worlds of Disney Infinity.

Setting that aside, what can players expect out of Anna and Elsa as playable characters? As Anna, players have at their disposal a shovel to attack enemies with, and a grappling hook that can both be used to access hard to reach places as well as attack enemies. As Elsa, players have all her ice powers, being able to chill enemies and attack them. The two power discs included give players the option of giving their created worlds a Frozen theme.

Frozen Disney Infinity

That is all there is to know about the Frozen toy set for Disney Infinity. When I said that it alleviates one problem but aggravates the other, what I meant is that the toy set introduces more female characters to the game, allowing female players to control other female characters. But, the release can also be seen as being another way for Disney to use Disney Infinity as a marketing platform, and one that doesn't fully use the film to its advantage. Regardless of those issues, the Frozen toy set does feature well made figures of the film's two leads, which makes for a great collectible for fans of the film and a great present to give this holiday season.

The set is available for the retail price of $29.95


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