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Gamer Tuesday

October 15, 2013

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights Reuben Week! : Mickey Mouse Magic Wands!

Developed by: Kemco

System: Game Boy

Happy Reuben week, everyone! In honor of everyone's favorite Disney baker and Sunday Brunch columnist, we will be taking a look at one of his favorite Disney games. But before we do, let me elaborate on something real quick... If you have looked at past Gamer Tuesday articles, specifically the ones under the Days of the Week Writer Week header, you will have noticed that a lot of their favorites are very simple games. Brent and Albert's favorite games are straight to the point board games, Alex's favorite game is a mobile app game with simple execution but complex ideas, and even my favorite Marvel game is the simplest entry in the entire fighting game series. What does that say to us? It says that sometimes the best things in life are the simplest ones, that we don't need something so exuberantly complex to have a good time. Reuben's favorite game is one that continues this trend of simple games that are quite fun and engaging; it is Mickey Mouse Magic Wands!

Mickey Mouse Magic Wands

In the past, I have talked about how sometimes a Disney-themed game would often come to North America under a different license, like it was the case with the Roger Rabbit game that came out here as a Bugs Bunny game, as well as the Donald Duck game that morphed into a Peanuts game once it crossed our shores. Mickey Mouse Magic Wands is the rare case in which the original license was kept intact. That was keep by 1998, Capcom's exclusivity deal with Disney had faded, allowing developers to pursue their desire to create Disney licensed games. However, Mickey Mouse Magic Wands was actually released in Japan in 1993, meaning that Kemco had to wait a while before they could release their game here.

Mickey Mouse Magic Wands

What's even more fascinating is that Mickey Mouse Magic Wands is actually the sixth game in Kemco's Mickey Mouse themed games. The rest of the games had been released exclusively in Japan. Taking a cue from their own Crazy Castle series, Mickey Mouse Magic Wands is a hybrid of puzzle and platforming gameplay. The story goes that Mickey and his friends were out exploring the forest, when all of a sudden, they discover a haunted castle. The owner of the castle is disturbed by the sudden intrusion, and traps Mickey's friends within its walls. It is up to Mickey Mouse to rescue his friends and escape the castle once and for all.

The way players rescue them is by using different magic wands. These wands allow Mickey to transforms crystals into different puzzle pieces. These pieces then form a different portrait of a Disney character, which include the traditional members of the fab five, and some lesser characters like Grandma Duck from the comic book series. Each level in the game contains ten smaller levels, each containing a piece of the puzzle. The tenth and final level contains the last puzzle piece that completes the portrait.

Mickey Mouse Magic Wands

This being a Game Boy game, it is expected that the game would be simple and straightforward, meant to be played in short spurts at a time. That mentality does not diminish its quality, though. But it is hard to deny that this was an early 90s game. Bu the time the game was released in 1998, Nintendo was already releasing the Game Boy Color, an updated version of the classic handheld which featured color games. Even if Mickey Mouse Magic Wands tried to incorporate some Super Nintendo features onto the game, it is hard to hide the fact that this was a simple game from a simpler time.

Regardless if in terms of technical prowess and game design it is not as deep, Mickey Mouse Magic Wands is a game that is fun, and sometimes you don't need gameplay that takes years to master just to have fun.


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