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February 8, 2011

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights: Disney Friends

System: Nintendo DS

Developed by: Amaze Entertainment

Disney is known for creating some of the most wonderful, lovable, and amazing characters, even if those characters are actually based off of literary characters, like Quasimodo and Snow White. They are so full of life and charm that you want to be friends with them! you can! Presenting Disney Friends for the Nintendo DS!

The idea behind Disney Friends is that you can be friends with one of the following Disney animal characters: Dory from “Finding Nemo”, Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch,, Simba from “The Lion King,” and Winnie the Pooh from, well, “Winnie the Pooh”. Using the DS's touch screen and microphone, you will be able to interact with them and attend to their basic needs, such as feeding, cleaning and, of course, love. During the training sessions, however, you can interact with one of the aliens from Toy Story. If this concept sounds familiar, it's because the idea is based on Nintendo's Nintendogs series of games (which will receive a feline sequel for the 3DS). The technology used on that game was considered groundbreaking, if slightly imperfect. So expect the same accessibility and fun with Disney Friends.

Some other neat features include a special greeting on your birthday, visiting them during different times of the day and during special events, and there's even a little bit of pin collecting! You can connect with other friends and visit each other's worlds and do some trading as well.

The graphics are amazing for a DS title. The characters look, act, and animate just like their filmstrip counterparts. Winnie the Pooh will be pondering while looking for hunny, Stitch with be crazy and messy, Dory will be friendly but forgetful and Simba is brimming with energy and happiness. The developers knew that the appeal of these characters lied in their personality, and while the game isn't perfect they nailed that aspect very well. The sound presentation is also great thanks to the original voice actors reprising their roles.

In short, Disney Friends may not be the best life simulator games on the DS, but it certainly is one of the most unique and instantly recognizable. It's not every day that you can claim to be friends with Winnie the Pooh or

say that Stitch licked your DS screen, and Disney Friends allows that kind of interactivity every day!

WARNING: From Screen to Theme and it's sponsors recommend proper care of your Disney friend. If you experience any of the following while playing Disney Friends, please consult an expert as soon as possible:

-The sudden disappearance of honey in your house

-Slimy DS screens

-Allergies caused by lion fur

-Temporary memory loss



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