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October 4, 2011

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights: Disney Magicboard Online
Developed by: Shanda
System: PC

Often, I run across some very unique and interesting Disney video games, many of them available only in selected countries. This is the case with today's game, Disney Magicboard. Developed by Shanda, the game is a racing game that takes place in an online world. Starring Mickey and friends, they race around with a magic board, completing various challenges in the process. Gameplay is similar to that of Sega's Sonic Riders video games.

The story behind Disney Magicboard Online is that one day, Mickey and friends are enjoying a nice day skating around town. They find a magical tree that transports them to another universe. There, they find a book that transforms their old skateboards into magic boards that allows them to fly around town and perform magical tricks. Certainly, it is an unique way of presenting Mickey's wonderful universe.

Like in many online games, an element of character development is present in this game. You can make your character a better racer as well as obtain faster and more effective magic board to race around. Some of the skills the magic boards have include hovering as well as gliding and jumping.

The most interesting thing about this game is that it is only available in China. If that is the case, why I am highlighting a game that is hard to play in this country? Well, I am about showcasing the many talents developers have when creating unique and different Disney games. Disney Magicboard Online may not be available for everyone, but it is certainly a gem when it comes to Disney gaming.

Here is the great opening cinematic:



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