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April 12, 2011

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights: Disney Villains Revenge

Developed by: Disney Interactive

System: Mac and PC

Have you ever asked yourself how the story would end if the villain had won? With Disney, it is a guarantee that the villain, no matter how smart, cunning or strong he or she may be, goodness will always prevail. In 1999, Disney decided to take the "what if" concept and applied it in a unique computer game called Disney Villains Revenge.

The story behind the game is that Jiminy Cricket (from "Pinocchio") is reading the best Disney stories. But while he is browsing through the pages of the book, he rips out the happy endings to the stories. This causes the Disney Villains to gain power and have their own desired endings. This means that Alice loses her head, Peter Pan grows old, and Snow White never wakes up from the death like slumber. It is up to Jiminy Cricket and the player to conquer each stage in order to restore the happy endings back into each Disney story.

Disney Villains Revenge is a mini-game based title featuring four of Disney's most nefarious villains. The first of these is the Ringmaster from Dumbo. In his story, Dumbo never learned to fly and is still at the mercy of the clowns. The player must organize the clowns in the stage so the act is completed and Dumbo is rescued.

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland has cut Alice's head off! Don't despair, though, it is not as gruesome as it may sound. She still, however, needs it. In this stage, the player must traverse through the Queen's mazes in order to find it, then return Alice home.

In the third stage of the game, Peter Pan has become an old man, making him weak against Captain Hook. In easily the most exciting part of the game, the player must do battle against Hook atop the Jolly Roger using swords. This is a timing based mini-game where the player must time the attacks right and block Hook's attacks.

The final stage of the game takes place in the Snow White world. The princess has bitten the poisoned apple and has fallen into a deep sleep. Worse, the Evil Queen has captured the Seven Dwarfs! The player must create a true love's potion in order to wake Snow White up and free the Seven Dwarfs from the Queen's wrath.

In terms of visual presentation, Disney Villains Revenge looks great. While a tad outdated today, the game features great Disney animation and good use of CG for the backgrounds and other elements. Voice acting is also top notch, featuring Disney legends such as the late Eddie Carroll as Jiminy Cricket, Kathryn Beaumont as Alice and Tress MacNeille as the Queen of Hearts, making it for a very authentic experience for fans young and old to enjoy.

With the Disney Villains being just as popular as the Princesses and Heroes, Disney Villains Revenge is an interesting take on their legacy, allowing players to experience their favorite stories through the twisted minds of the villains they love to hate.



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