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June 4, 2013

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights: Disney's Th!nk Fast

Developed by: System: Wii, PlayStation 2

Th!nk Fast (Think Fast)

There is nothing Disney likes more than trivia. And why not? Disney has one of the richest histories in pop culture. It allows them to create interesting trivia games that range from the simple (What is the name of Mickey's dog?) to the challenging (In what year did Mickey's pet dog make his debut?). Today's game further capitalizes on Disney trivia in a very fun and colorful way: Disney's Th!nk Fast.

Th!nk Fast is designed like a game show, but done in a grand Disney manner. Hosted by none other by the Genie (Aladdin), players take on the role of different Disney characters as they answer various questions on different categories. These categories range from quotes and phrases said by Disney characters to places and locales. In addition there are basic memory and counting skills-based games. Speaking of locales, the game show sets take place on various Disney themed worlds, such as the world of London as seen in 101 Dalmatians and Hawaii from Lilo and Stitch. It wouldn't be a competitive game show title without multiplayer, and Th!nk Fast doesn't disappoint in that area. Up to four players can join in and take on various challenges including the various mini-games in between the trivia questions that allow players to gain even more points.

Think Fast

The Wii version of the game used the innovative Wii Remote controller as its main input method. The PlayStation 2 version, however, came with a special controller that emulated the feel of a buzzer. Both versions are identical right down to the questions. In total, there are over 5,000 trivia questions, both based on Disney history as well as general knowledge. Like any good game, Th!nk Fast offers rewards for loyal players. If you continue playing, you can unlock additional playable characters, such as Scrooge McDuck and Magica De Spell from Ducktales. Speaking of which, their voice actors, including Jim Cummings and the late Wayne Allwine, lend their voices to the characters, making it an authentic Disney presentation. The graphical presentation is colorful and captivating, matching the whimsical appear of the Disney films and characters.

Disney's Th!nk Fast is, at its core, a very simple trivia game. It doesn't tell a complex story like Kingdom Hearts or create an inventive game universe like Epic Mickey. Yet what it does well is engage its players in Disney trivia in a manner that's accessible and fun. It does have challenging questions that get you to think further about your favorite Disney movies, but doesn't overwhelm anyone that just wants to play. It makes for a perfect family game night, especially for those that love classic question based board games. It is also a very affordable game so it is further incentive to pick this game up.



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