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Gamer Tuesday

July 9, 2013

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights: Gamer Fun Find Tuesday: Diddy Kong Racing

Fun Find Friday by Brent Dodge sets out to discover really cool easter eggs, references, and fun finds at the parks that really add depth to an attraction or land. That is because Disney themselves like to reference many things about the company, either from its past or its near future. While most theme park guests ignore these references because they are set on being the first to ride an attraction, those that do stop and take in the scenery find themselves in awe at how sometimes even the smallest references or fun find can really add to the experience. Well, turns out that this happens in video games, too! While it doesn't happen as often as at the parks, sometimes there are some really cool fun find in both Disney and non-Disney games that I can't help but enjoy greatly.

That is because Disney has become not just an entertainment juggernaut but a permanent fixture in popular culture. Love or hate Disney, there is a chance you know something about the company, or one of your favorite things is tied to the company one way or the other. Due to this, people have set out to both pay loving tribute or make fun of Disney in non-Disney creations. One of my all time favorites is a mixture of both, the episode of 'The Simpsons' where Edna Krabaple, Bart's teacher, has been nominated for teacher of the year and the ceremony takes place at EPCOT Center. And speaking of EPCOT Center, in the first installment of what I like to call Gamer Fun Find Tuesday, we will be taking a look at a fascinating reference to the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow in a non-Disney game: Diddy Kong Racing.

Diddy Kong Racing

Released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64, Diddy Kong Racing, which starred Donkey Kong's partner in adventure Diddy Kong, served as an ambitious alternative to Nintendo's Mario Kart series (which had its second iteration be released in the same year). Rather than just kart racing, Diddy Kong Racing also doubled as an adventure game where the main mode had players racing around various levels in hopes of dethroning Wiz Pig. Not only that, players could use planes and hovercrafts in addition to the standard karts. The game was a big success with gamers and critics, even if it didn't gather the same multiplayer following as Mario Kart.

Diddy Kong Racing was developed by Rare, a British video game company known for their love of Easter Eggs. Each game that they made had a ton of secrets and references to their own games, as well as pop culture elements. Disney is no exception. In Diddy Kong Racing, when you unlock the Future Fun Land Area (that name sounds an awful lot like Tomorrowland, no?), select Star City. As soon as you begin the race, you will quickly see a monorail...

Diddy Kong Racing monorail

And not far off is the entrance to the city, which is shaped exactly like Spaceship Earth, EPCOT's icon...

Diddy Kong Racing Spaceship Earth

Isn't this a cool find or what? Stay tuned for other Gamer Tuesday fun finds in Disney and non-Disney games in the near future!


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