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July 17, 2012

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights Summer Week: The Best Disney Games to Play with Friends Over the Summer

A very fabled theme song once said that there are over 104 days of summer vacation, and that the problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it. Well, in my days, in addition to going on family trips, having fun at summer camp, celebrating my birthday (one of the perks of being a summer baby ;) ) and hanging out with friends, one of the things I loved doing the most as a kid was play video games. The reason why the summer was perfect for playing video games was because I wasn't worried that there would be school the next day, meaning that I could play my favorite games till way late in the night (though I don't recommend doing that at any age, bad for your health your know). Video games got even better when I had friends over to play them with.

In honor of our celebration of all things summer, I will be highlighting some of the best Disney video games to play in the summer! Because I want to promote healthy video game playing habits, I will be focusing on games that encourage safe competitive play as well as inspire creativity and fun in the players.

Without much delay, here are the games I think are the best games to play while enjoying your summer vacation...

Kinect Disneyland Adventures (Xbox 360)

One of the most preferred summertime activities (especially for the Disney fans) is a trip to a Disney theme parks! Whether it is Disneyland or Walt Disney World, if a family manages to make a trip it is a guarantee they will have the best summer ever. However, if you and your family can't go to a park this year, or you just went to one and miss it badly, Kinect Disneyland Adventures for the Xbox 360 makes for a great Disney activity. I highlighted the game last year here, so you can learn more about it here, but basically Kinect Disneyland Adventures recreates in the best detail possible one of the world's most iconic theme parks. Once you create an avatar, you can explore the park, interact with characters, and participate in mini-games based on the attractions. Best of all, this is a Kinect motion camera game, meaning that kids will be standing up and doing the motions such as dancing and jumping. This will keep the kids entertained while they are up and being active.

Chip 'N' Dale: Rescue Rangers (Nintendo Entertainment System)

A classic NES Disney game, Rescue Rangers (originally highlighted here) still remains one of the most popular 2-player Disney games ever. Playing as either Chip or Dale, players can cooperate in defeating the bad guys and successfully completing the levels. A word of warning, though. While Rescue Rangers can be a great game to play with a friend, a session can quickly go sour since a player can throw items at the other player, and picking them up. It can be really annoying for the other player... but really funny for you! Anyways, please practice safe co-op gameplay...

Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves (Wii)

Because we don't want kids to turn into couch potatoes playing video games all summer, here is a game that will get them jumping and dancing: Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves (originally highlighted here). The second Dance Dance Revolution Disney game released in North America, Disney Mix features over 40 remixed Disney songs. Up to four players can play on their dance mats, allowing for some intense but very fun dance sessions.

Disney's Sing It: Family Hits (Wii, PlayStation 3)

Everyone can sing... of course, not everyone can sing GOOD, but everyone can sing regardless. But no matter how good or bad you are, it is always fun to sing classic Disney songs with friends and family. Disney's Sing It: Family Hits lets you do just that. Featuring a selection of over 30 songs and even a microphone, Family Hits is a fun way to get kids with a song in their hearts to let it all out. Family Hits even features a coaching mode so kids can become better singers!

Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension (Wii, PlayStation 3, DS, PSP)

It wouldn't be an article about summer without mentioning the boys of summer: Phineas and Ferb! The hit Disney Channel show has become one of the most popular franchises, featuring a World Showcase attraction featuring Agent P, and Phineas and Ferb even make an appearance on the show 'The Magic, The Memories, and You!" Last year marked the release of their made for TV movie Across the Second Dimension, where the characters meet themselves from another dimension. The video game adaptation of the game took players across several worlds as they took control of various characters, including the ever so famous Agent P. Best of all, a second player can join in and help complete challenges. Phineas and Ferb the show is about encouraging imagination while being with your friends, and the video game adaptation features very imaginative worlds and humor along with gameplay that promotes cooperative play in kids. There's no better summer game than that!

This is but a mere sampling of some of the games kids can play in the summer. As always, I encourage kids to mix up the activities. Summer is a great time to go out, have fun with friends and family, and make memories. Video games are great every once in a while, and these games help kids stay active, be with their friends, and have the best time possible.


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