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April 16, 2013

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights Alex's Favorite Things Week: Where's My Water??

Developed by: Creature Feep

System: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry

Author's Note: What started out as an April's Fools joke about being Canadian lead to a week about all things Canadian, and then that evolved into the celebration of the Days of the Week article writers, especially their favorite Disney things. To inaugurate this new week, we will be taking a look at Hidden Mickey Mondays writer Alexandra McVetty's favorite Disney things! Join us as we take a look at one of her favorite Disney games: Where's My Water? Enjoy!

Where's my Water

In the last few years, mobile gaming has seen a great growth. With mobile devices and tablets evolving greatly from the very early days of cell phone gaming, games are no longer simple affairs. They are capable of hosting large games with complex yet accessible gameplay, bright graphics, and, the best thing for many, available at the palm of your hands at any time. Such is the success of mobile gaming that the gaming industry has pondered if they pose a threat to dedicated handheld gaming. Disney, a multimedia company on top of things, has decided to contribute to the gaming movement and release many games on mobile systems. Perhaps their biggest success yet is Where's My Water?



Like any classic game, the concept behind Where's My Water? is a very simple one, but one that takes a lot of time to master, especially in its harder levels. An alligator named Swampy wants nothing but to take a shower after a dirty day at the sewers. But a bully alligator named Cranky has stopped the water flow that allows Swampy to stay clean! The main objective of the game is to create a path that leads directly to Swampy's shower. As the game progresses, more obstacles and perils threaten to keep Swampy a dirty, smelly gator, requiring the best skills a player can muster, all in the name of a good shower.

Where's My Water?? is a game that extensively uses the touch screen capabilities many mobile devices have. Using the touch screen, players create a path for the water to flow through by touching the screen and clearing a path. Sometimes, the water must go through a specific pipe in other to make it swampy safe and sound. And as already stated, there will be many obstacles that prevent the free flow of the water. This is where players must become creative as these obstacles often trick them into leading the water into a dead end, or at worse, losing a lot of it. Where's My Water?? is like a classic game in that it introduces a simple concept during its early stages, but quickly evolves into a challenge as more layers are introduced to it.

Where's My Water?

The original release of Where's My Water?? came with four different chapters, each containing 20 different levels. Each chapter told a different part of Swampy and Cranky's story. These where named 'Meet Swampy,' 'Troubled Water,' 'Under Pressure,' and 'Sink and Swim.' One of the best advantages of mobile gaming (and modern gaming in general) is that more chapters can be added, expanding the game beyond its original presence. Each new chapter introduced new ideas never before seen in the original game, some even came for free that were ad-supported! In total, there are easily over 300 levels available just for Where's My Water??, an impressive number for those that are really into the game.

Where's My Water? has seen incredible success since its 2011 release. Gaming websites have called it one of the best mobile device games yet, and an impressive example of a physics puzzle game done right for the devices. The game even dethroned the very popular Angry Birds on the iTunes App store upon its release! Due to this success, Disney has been supporting the game greatly, releasing everything from exclusive Disney store merchandise...

Where's My Water pin

Where's My Water stuffed animals

To releasing animated shorts called Swampy's Underground Adventures featuring the characters!


There were even rumors that Disney would begin meet and greets with Swampy and friends over at the water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort! Such is the popularity this game gained in the last couple of years, and for good reason: the game combines Disney's mindset of creating enchanting characters with solid stories behind them with the easily accessible gameplay design, making it desirable in today's pick up and go gaming.

Where's My Water? can be obtained through the device's app store, such as iTunes. Additional levels can be obtained at various prices.


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