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Hidden Mickey Monday

December 17, 2012

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

The Jungle Cruise is a new and unique adventure every time you wave goodbye to the skippers on the dock, but one thing will always be the constant and that's the Hidden Mickeys (ok and corny jokes). After you pass Schweitzer Falls, the back end of a plane is visible on the right side of the boat. Three circles have been indented on the side of the plane. Even though the circles are of the same size (which would usually indicated something is not a Hidden Mickey) there are no other distinct markings of indents on the plane, so it looks intentional! Another fun fact about this plane is that the front half can be found in the Casablanca scene in the Great movie Ride!

Editor's Note: Due to the movement of the boat, we haven't been able to get a decent shot of this Hidden Mickey, but will keep trying!


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