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Hidden Mickey Monday

September 16, 2013

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Although Minnie Mouse is usually found right by Mickey's side during parades and shows, it is a lot more challenging to find Hidden Minnies in the parks compared to Hidden Mickeys. However, the world famous Jungle Cruise holds the rare privilege of possessing a large abstract profile Hidden Minnie. While your boat is exiting the Cambodian temple, before reaching the elephant bathing area, look at the third column on the left side of the boat. The wall has been chipped away and on the third block from the top an abstract bow, curved ear, nose and mouth can be spotted. Minnie is looking to the right towards the elephant area. While the rest of Minnie's face has to be left to the imagination, I do not doubt that this Hidden Minnie was intentionally put here! Don't take it for granite the next time you're on the Jungle Cruise!

Due to the Jungle Cruise being down for refurbishment, there is no picture to accompany this week's Hidden Minnie. We will post one as soon as we can!


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