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Hidden Mickey Monday

Location: The Land, Epcot

Living with the land is often an overlooked attraction at Epcot, especially when Soarin' is it's neighbour. I do recommend going on Living with the Land. Not only that though, I also recommend taking the Behind the Seeds Tour. For anyone interested in agriculture, gardening, or just food in general, Behind the Seeds is a tour for you since it gives you backstage access to the Living with the Land greenhouse. While on Living with the Land, or the Behind the Seeds Tour, look around the fish farming building. To the right of your boat, pass the tilapia tank, is a platform with some hoses on it. The hoses form a classic Hidden Mickey, but from the boat it looks upside down. While on the Behind the Seeds Tour, where you get the opportunity to walk through the greenhouses, this Hidden Mickey is right side up and close enough to touch!

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