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Hidden Mickey Monday

April 18, 2011
Future World West, Epcot

The Seas with Nemo and Friends offers guests a unique synergy between the beloved Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo and learning about, and viewing, real marine life. While exploring Bruce's room, take a look at the second window on the left of the room as you enter. It is labeled "Bruce's Scrapbook." On the very bottom of the window is an oyster and in the oyster is a pearl. The pearl is very small to see, and you might have to get on your knees in order to view it! The pearl, of course, forms a classic Hidden Mickey! On the exact opposite side of the room (second window to the right as you enter, labeled, "Did you Know?") has the same Hidden Mickey as well! This is definitely one of my favorite Hidden Mickey's since it is so small and unique but also because Hidden Mickey's are really the pearls of Walt Disney World. They may take a lot of time to find, but the adventures is worth every second.


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