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Hidden Mickey Monday!

By Alexandra McVetty


June 1, 2020

Location: Storybook Circus, Magic Kingdom

The large Barnstormer billboard paints a colorful picture of your daring journey ahead with the Great Goofini. Take a look at the propeller plane on the farthest right lower corner of the billboard. In the center of that propeller a small classic Hidden Mickey is formed!

Hidden Mickey - Barnstormer1
Hidden Mickey - Barnstormer 2


Magic Kingdom
        Main Street, USA
                - All Aboard the Mickey Train!
                - Carve this into your brain
                - Your Key to Mickeys
                - A Hidden Mickey's Life for Me!

                - A Dead Man's Mickey
                - In the Ground
                - Jungle Fever
                - On the shack
                - Up the stairs
                - I think it's plane to see
                - Cloud Watching
                - Muskrat anyone?
                - Wheely?
        Liberty Square
                - Watch where you point that thing!

                - In the ground
                - Map it out!
                - Home Plate
                - Not the Disney Point
                - Ax and you shall See
                - Bejeweled
                - Border Patrol
                - Building Mickey's
                - Carve a new way
                - Construction Walls
                - Mr. Sanders' Secret
                - It's a world of Mickeys...
                - Not up in smoke
                - Magic Mirror on the wall...
                - Mine!
                - No one hides Mickey's like Gaston
                - Pop that collar
                - Shield Yourself
        Storybook Circus
                - There was a stampede to find this!
                - It's plane to see
        Mickey's Toontown Fair
                - Red Barns

                - Your Biggest Fan
                - A Christmas Surprise!
                - Buckle Up
                - Gaming Mickey
                - It's out of this world!
                - Something Funny

        Future World Central
                - Wood Carvings

                - Spaceship Earth mural
                - Spot it at the Spot
                - Scrollin', scrollin', scrolling
        Future World East
                - Bumper to Bumper Mickey's
                - Don't be a dummy
                - Earful Tower's New Home
                - Mars to Mickey, do you copy?
        Future World West
                - Don't be a hoser
                - Fore! some fun
                - Firework Mickey
                - Under the Sea!
                - I found Nemo...I mean Mickey!
                - Tube Good to Pass Up!
                - Feeling Bubbly?
                - Something Fishy
        United Kingdom
                - Be a Good Sport
                - Bush Patrol
                - Mickey to tower
                - Feeling drained?
                - No Tears
                - Rockin' Out!
        American Adventure
                - This here Mickey went to town...
                - This Fountain Rocks!
                - I crown thee Mickey
                - Buoy Watch
                - Uhh, I think you forgot your helmet.
                - Beat it!

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Animation Courtyard
                - And Draw!
                - PEZ anyone?
        Echo Lake
                - Keep your elbows off this table!
        Hollywood Boulevard
                - Archeology at its finest
                - Cloud Watching
                - A Hidden Minnie?
                - The Largest Hidden Mickey!
                - Why is Bill Board?
        Streets of America
                - Light up the streets!
                - Reflect on it
                - Window Watching
- Spotting Mickey
                - Not Deflated
                - Flight 1401 is now landing...
         Pixar Place
                - Something Fishy
         Sunset Boulevard
                - And I don't want to miss Mickey
                - Boiling Up
                - I'll wire you the directions
                - Picture this...

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Discovery Island
               - Doesn't this count as one of the animals?
               - Shell shocked
               - Wait for it...
                - That island looks familiar
                - Don't step on Mickey!
                - Floor it!
        Conservation Station
                - Butterfly Fly Away
                - Eye Spy
                - Grandmother Willow will help
                - Love those earrings!

                - Is the coffee yeti?
                - Fetch a cup of water
        Camp Minnie-Mickey
                - The Greatest Entranceway ever!
                - Don't Float Away
                - Extra Powder Please
        Dinoland, USA
                - Parking space
                - Barking up the right tree
- Let's go get that Mickey!
                - Spotting Dinos

Disney Springs
Candy Cauldron
            - Apple of my eye
        Captain Jack's
            - Net Worth
            - Get Wired!
            - Want a Car Pet?
        Disney's Days of Christmas
            - You're barking up the right tree

            - Mrs. Potts?
Once Upon a Toy
            - Peeking in
        Team Mickey
            - Pillar of secrets
        World of Disney
            - Looking good Ms. DeVil
            - Castles in the Clouds
        Cirque Du Soleil
            - No need to stall for this one

Water Parks and more!
Blizzard Beach
            - Head towards the light
        Winter Summerland Mini Golf
            - Not on hole Four!
        Magnolia Golf Course
            - Sand of times
        Sea Raycer
            - Speed up!

All-Star Movies
                - King Me!
All-Star Music
                - He's a little bit Country..
Animal Kingdom Lodge
                - Clock Me Out
                - Do you vine?
Art of Animation
                - Part of that light
Beach Club
                - Sandcastles in the Sand
                - Can I bum a clue for this one?
                Mickey's watching!
oronado Springs
                - Bus Sign

                - Rock solid man!
                - The poles are in
        Pop Century
                - Not just for kids
        Wilderness Lodge
                - Fiery
        Yacht Club
                - Globe

Outside of the Parks
                - Don't give us a brake!

               - Just Around the Riverbend
               - Is that you Duffy?
               - Time for a spare
               - Tick Tock

Disney California Adventure
Buena Vista Street
              - Tune in
               - The Best Service Around
               - No need to pop the hood
               - Pump it up!
               - Table Service
         Pacific Wharf
                - Paint Me A Picture
                - In the Clock
                - Checking in

Disneyland Downtown Disney
Marceline's Confectionary
                - What's your sign?
          Disney Vault
                 - Secret is safe here

Little Mermaid
                - Concert Goers
        A Goofy Movie/Once Upon A Time
                - It's for you


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