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Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Recap

By Kelvin Cedeño


(Episode 3x06)

Flashback: Ariel

Snow White is on the run from the Queen’s guards after they’ve found her hiding in another kingdom. She jumps off a cliff into the sea and is rescued by a mermaid who introduces herself as Ariel. Snow and Ariel talk for a bit, and Ariel reveals that she’s in love with the human prince named Eric. During the high tide, it is said that Ursula, the goddess of the sea, grants mermaids the ability to walk on land until the next tide. Ariel tries it and is granted with legs, although the next tide is only 12 hours away. She and Snow decide to use this time to attend a ball Eric’s throwing. Eric is immediately smitten with Ariel and invites her to sail around the world with him in the morning. Ariel, however, is unsure of what to do as she’ll be a mermaid by the time he leaves.

Once Upon A Time

Regina watches all this from her mirror and decides to take action. Disguising herself as Ursula, she gives Ariel a bracelet that will make the wearer a mermaid while in turn making Ariel human. Ariel decides to give it to Snow so that Snow can take refuge from Regina under the sea, but as soon as Snow’s transformed, Regina reveals herself. Snow’s unable to get the bracelet off and struggles trying to get away with her new tail. Although given the chance to leave, Ariel chooses to save Snow by stabbing Regina with a fork she collected from Eric’s ball. Once she gets the bracelet off of Snow, the two transform back into their proper selves and escape into the sea.

Once she’s on shore, Snow tells Ariel to hurry and go find Eric before he sails off. Ariel does so, but when she tries calling out for him, she finds her voice is gone. Regina appears and reveals she took it as compensation for what Ariel did. A heartbroken Ariel swims away as Eric departs. Later back at her palace, Regina is confronted by the real Ursula in her mirror who warns her never to impersonate her again.

Once Upon a Time

Neverland: The Quintet

Hook tells Snow and David that Bae’s alive, but they suspect Peter may have been lying to him. Snow notices some branches near their campsite that have broken in half and a trail leading from them, showing a struggle had taken place of some sort. Hook and David don’t think it wise to tell Emma in case it all ends up being in vain, but Snow does so, anyway. Emma is shocked, and when it’s decided they need to rescue Bae, Regina is frustrated that this this taking precedence over Henry. She leaves, and the rest of the company follow the trail to a place called the Echo Cave.

Once Upon A Time

The Echo Cave is a cavern that can only let you escape if you confess your deepest, darkest secrets. Hook suspects Peter placed Bae in here in hopes the group will turn on each other when their secrets are revealed. They go inside and find Bae, but he’s separated from them by a 100 foot chasm. Unsure of how the magic works, they each have a turn making a confession. Hook admits he’s in love with Emma. Snow confesses that she wants to have another baby after missing all of Emma’s childhood. David reveals that he can’t leave Neverland because of the healing water he drank to overcome nightshade. With each confession, a rock bridge forms. Emma runs across it to Bae but is unable to break him out of his cage until she says her own secret: she was hoping Bae was dead because as long as he’s alive, she will never get over the feelings she has for him. With that, he’s freed, and the group leave awkwardly and uneasily after hearing each other’s confessions.

Neverland: Rumpel and Regina

Peter finds Rumpelstiltskin and tries to persuade him to go back to Storybrooke and start a new life with Belle. The vision of Belle appears and confirms that she wants to start a family with him. Just as Rumpel’s tempted to take the offer, Regina shows up and unveils who Belle really is: the shadow. Regina wants to partner with Rumpel to get Henry back as she feels the two of them can overpower Peter. Rumpel’s reluctant at first given his history with Peter but eventually relents. Regina takes him to the lake and blows on a seashell. At first he thinks she’s trying to call another squid like Bae did, but her intended recipient shows up: Ariel. Regina gives her back her voice along with the bracelet, promising to make her human if she’ll assist them since mermaids can travel through realms. Ariel’s wary at first until Regina tells her Eric is in the realm she needs her to travel to – Storybrooke.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Theory

The series first dropped a nugget about The Little Mermaid back in the season one episode Skin Deep. In it, Regina approached Rumpel about a mermaid situation she needed help with, but he was nonresponsive after recently kicking Belle out. That places this episode’s flashback sometime around the period where Belle frees Phillip from the Yaoguai curse and is captured by Regina (it’s unclear if Regina already had Belle in her clutches when she lied to Rumpel about Belle’s death). It raises the question, though, of why Ariel hasn’t aged since she apparently wasn’t anywhere near the Enchanted Forest when the curse hit, and that was about 30 years ago.

Once Upon A Time

It’s interesting that after having Regina play the Ursula role, we find out Ursula really does exist in this world and is some sort of deity. Her appearance here is a bit random and surely must mean she’s going to reveal herself in full at a later time (she appears as a solid gold CG creature in Regina’s mirror). It was also good to finally have some explanation as to what the Belle vision was all these episodes. If the shadow can impersonate her, who else can it impersonate? Having it transform into other people seems like the best way to cause chaos amongst our heroes.

The confessional scene in the Echo Cave was quite the emotional rollercoaster, and while things seem to be headed in the right direction for Emma and Bae, there’s still the issue of how to get David off of Neverland (not to mention whether or not Hook will ever find true love). Now that Regina and Rumpel are going to communicate with Storybrooke, the season is going to take on an interesting dynamic as we bounce back and forth between the two realms.

Once Upon A Time



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