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Oz Review


Oz The Great and Powerful

Today I had the chance to preview the newest Disney film, Oz the Great and Powerful thanks to my friend Amy from The Relocated Tourist! The film takes place before the classic 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, setting up most of the events we all know and love before Dorothy and Toto entered our lives. Spoiler Alerts Ahead (Scroll down two pictures for the rest of the reveiw)!

Oz The Great and Powerful Review

The story follows Oscar, or Oz, played by Spider-Man's buddy James Franco. Oz, a con man and circus magician wants to be known as a great man (and not just a good one). While he knows how to smooth talk the ladies into falling for him it ultimately becomes his doom when the muscle man of the circus discovers Oz has wooed his lady. Oz jumps into a hot air balloon to escape, but ends up getting sucked into a tornado that magically transports him to the land of Oz.

Here he meets Theodora who shares with him the prophecy of a wizard that falls from the sky and is named Oz. She takes him to Emerald City where we meet her sister Evanora who shares information that the wicked witch named Glinda needs to be killed in order to redeem peace to the land of Oz.

Oz then sets out on a journey which will help determine if he'll be known as a con man, or a great man...

Oz The Great and Powerful Review

The film helps set up everything from how the Wicked Witch becomes green, chooses to fly on a broom, and how the Oz becomes The Great and Powerful wizard/trickster we know him as in The Wizard of Oz! The film does a great job of setting up events that we all know and love.

While going into the film I was very hesitant due to it being a prequel of sorts to such a classic film. You could tell that the film team did an amazing job of making sure they would bring nothing but honor to the original stories by bringing in modern storytelling to help current audiences connect on a better level.

Oz The Great and Powerful Review

The 3D and special effects found throughout the film are unbelievable and if you don't mind watching films in 3D, I highly recommend it! There were several instances that used the effects and, while it didn't further the story along, it helped make the film that much more visually stunning.

If you are on the fence about this film (much like I was going in), I would definitely give it a chance. The film is amazing, the acting is great, and the characters (especially the side characters) are extremely memorable. So when March 8th comes around, make sure you make your way to the theater to see Oz The Great and Powerful!

Oz The Great and Powerful Review


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