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Saturday Matinee

Saturday Matinee #131: "No Service" (June 29, 2013)

Published July 6, 2013

by Albert Gutierrez

Mickey Mouse No Service

Happy July, everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm quite eager for this summer. Much of June has seen nothing but rain in my area; I'm looking forward to finally getting nice, sunny days once more. Of course, we should bear in mind that not all dry heats are good - my thoughts and prayers go towards the valiant firefighters still battling Arizona's wildfires. But when dry heats are good thing, then we can enjoy fun in the sun, a bit o' island breeze, and some deliciously-fatty fried foods. And who better to keep our company than Mickey and his friends? You can check out how they handle the heat today in their newest short: "No Service."

Mickey No Service

Rather than spoil this newly-released short for you, we will only be providing a half-summary.

Mickey and Donald decide to pay a visit to Goofy's Snack Shack, as they wish to take Minnie and Daisy out on a picnic on the beach. When they enter, Goofy is jovial and friendly, but upon seeing Mickey and Donald, he harshly points to a sign. No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service. The two get kicked out, and must devise a way to acquire their picnic food. Should Donald wear Mickey's shoes? Or should Mickey wear Doanld's shirt? And what about the pants?!?

Goofy No Service

In the same vein as "Croissant De Triomph," "No Service" gives us the new stylization of Mickey Mouse and company, a design which I've already embraced and fallen in love. Although Mickey is a jack-of-all-trades who commonly wears different outfits, the "Mickey wearing Donald's clothes" feels quite fresh and fitting. This gives Mickey more of a "Hello, sailor!" kind of look, rather than him playing Donald for Halloween. Of course, nothing really beats the red shorts; it's his signature look and one that will likely never change.

On the other hand, we see a harsher Goofy here, a new change for the character. Or one that's been repressed for some time. After all, Goofy played angry before, most notably in 1950's "Motor Mania," in which Goofy experiences road rage. Perhaps in this short, Goofy's just a stern stickler for the rules when it comes to his little business. Or this may not be Goofy after all, but one of the many Goof-like dogs that reside in their world... even if he has Goofy's recognizable twang. Either way, angry Goofy still provides some of the lovable dimwittedness of the character, especially in regards to some... hot buns.

Minnie and Daisy No Service

The short also continues with the tradition of a song for Minnie, something that dates back to "Minnie's Yoo-Hoo." In my recollection, Minnie herself does not sing as often as Mickey, although the two of them share a memorable duet to "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby" in the 1931 cartoon "The Birthday Party." For more recent instances of Minnie singing, she filled in for Daisy in an episode of "House of Mouse," again sharing a duet with Mickey in "Me the Mouse and I'm the Duck," a nice send-up of the classic "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off." "No Service" features Minnie solo this time, singing a little ditty entitled "Island Breeze." We only hear three full lines (and an implied fourth), but they're catchy enough to remain in your head for days. I would love for a fuller version of this song to be available, for now, all I can do is continually repeat...

Island breeze, island breeze

Take my message across the sea

To the one I love, the one I'm dreaming of

Swaying in the island breeze

Mickey and Donald No Service

"No Service" made its television debut last week, with an exclusive online premiere five days earlier (June 24, to be exact). Thus, you can surely catch it making the rounds on Disney Channel anytime, while also watching online if you desire:



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