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Saturday Matinee

Saturday Matinee #105: "Welcome to Your Future: 2013 Edition" (January 1, 2013)

Published January 5, 2013

by Albert Gutierrez

Happy 2013, everyone! What better way to begin the new year than to see what the future has in store for us? I had previously covered Spaceship Earth's "Welcome to Your Future" video during our EPCOT Week last year (whoa, 2012 is now *last year*!) by looking at a video taken at an unknown date. This week, we revisit the future thanks to a well-timed visit to Epcot on New Year's Day. I had the chance to ride Spaceship Earth again, so let's see what my future holds this time...

Spaceship Earth Video

Welcome to the future! Or should I say, YOUR Future.

Spaceship Earth video

In the future, the country will be a great place to work. Innovative office buildings will be media-rich environments outfitted with global networking and the latest digital tools to turn your dreams into reality.

Spaceship Earth Video

Need to be somewhere? No problem! Just pack up and go. You'll be able to keep working on a commuter train that runs on magnetic force. Since you do your best thinking alone, you can bring your virtual tools with you and work while you commute, thanks to super high-speed networks that turn your vehicle into a mobile office.

Spaceship Earth video

Who knew that board meetings could be such a blast? Great job!

But you work to live, so technology will help you to live better, like wireless technology that brings you news while you're at the beach. This just in: Looks like it's going to be a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.

Spaceship Earth Video

The end, or should I say the beginning, of your future!

Spaceship Earth video

Since I already shared my thoughts on this attraction in my original "Welcome to Your Future" article, it would be a bit superfluous to repeat them here. However, in watching my new future, I realized just how much closer to reality it is (or I hope will be) compared to my past video.

For the past few years, I've been studying to become a high school English teacher; this year, I finally received my placement for student teaching. As a result, I definitely had my future career on my mind when I selected my answers for my "Welcome to Your Future" video, as I chose "work" (I often choose "leisure"), and based my other responses on how I would approach teaching in my own classroom. Appropriately, the video does emulate how I envision my approach to teaching. For example, I've already used several versions of the future technology mentioned in the video. Schools have been steadily becoming more media-friendly, which can help students to stimulate their minds beyond the tried-and-true methods of blackboards and loose leaf. Part of my own experience with school and technology have involved creating WebQuest-based lesson plans and using SMARTboard a few times.

Ultimately, though, I've always been of the "work to live" ethos. Of course, I doubt that means I could sit on a beach with an iPad and converse with my English class about Death of a Salesman and the American Dream. But I certainly wouldn't mind having that option one day!

As mentioned in the original "Welcome to Your Future" article, these videos aren't available on DVD. Also, each video is always going to be different based on your experience at Spaceship Earth. Always make sure to e-mail it to yourself so you can download your vision of the future! And just for fun, when you input your location in the beginning of Spaceship Earth, go someplace you've never been to before. I often select Cardiff, Wales; you can go anywhere in the world!


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