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Sunday Brunch

October 13, 2013

A Little Piece of Heaven

A Poem by guest author Brent Dodge

While aboard
 a Disney Cruise

A treat awaits you
 before you snooze

While you may have been
 out on deck all day

Or watching shows
 good for Broadway

You begin
 to get tired out

One last Eye Scream
 your tummy will shout

So up to the top deck
 you will go

Up on the big screen
 there plays a show

You relax there
 and all the while

Across your face
 there is a smile

For a Disney Cruise
 is definitely the best

But back to your room
 you will now go rest

Waiting there
 is a surprise

A sweet piece of heaven
 that meets your eyes

It's a piece of chocolate
 wrapped with a friend

No better way
 can any day end...

Sleepy Chocolate


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