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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies: A Salute to All Cupcake but Mostly America's

8 July 2012

The holidays at Walt Disney World are always extra special, whether its decking out the Canada pavilion with their red and white maple leaf flags for Canada Day or exploding Christmas cheer and decor all over the resort, the resort takes a few extra steps to celebrate. Independence Day on July 4th is no different. An amazing tribute to America's patriotic songs can be found in the special Voices of Liberty concert at the American Gardens Theater in Epcot. All parks save for Animal Kingdom feature an exclusive evening Fireworks display. The American Adventure and Main Street, U.S.A. step it up with the red, white, and blue flags, pennants, and banners. Though of course, the best way to celebrate is WDW's ability to take that extra step in making special holiday food!

Over at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the bakers and pastry chefs came up with a simple, yet creative way to capture the spirit of America in a single dessert. With no other descriptors in their holiday cupcake's title, the '4th of July' Cupcake is enough to give guests, especially Americans and fans of the DHS Bakery, an idea of what this cupcake is. The quintessential American dessert is apple pie, and the chefs managed to transform it into a cupcake. While this was no difficult task, it's one of those easy ideas where one thinks, 'golly gee, why didn't I think of that?'

The 4thof July Cupcake is a plain vanilla cupcake serving as the base and main body with an apple pie filling and topped with a caramel butter cream. The cupcake is rolled in Apple Crisp topping with a garnish of red, white, and blue sprinkles and a patriotic milk chocolate Mickey. The design is bursting with American and Disney pride, yet still maintains an elegance to stand next to the other gourmet cupcakes of WDW.

As a big fan of apple pie and cupcakes, I dove into this cupcake with gusto and eagerness, and found the DHS Production Bakery team had another winner. In true American fashion, I also allowed my friends to sample a bite and share in this tasty celebration of America. The vanilla cupcake was plain, moist, and simply a background thought to the bigger picture of an apple pie cupcake. The filling was excellent, with the apple chunks crisp enough for a big of a bite, yet soft enough to not overpower the texture of the cupcake. We felt though that the filling could have been helped with a little more of the traditional sweet spices used in baking such as cinnamon and nutmeg. While those spices were not absent, the characteristic flavor of Apple Pie could have been strengthened with additional spice.

The biggest surprise was the Caramel Buttercream. It was thicker and sweeter than usual for the DHS gourmet cupcakes. As I've mentioned in many cupcake reviews, Disney World is known to have the most saccharine, and overly sugary frostings on their cupcakes, typically the ones sold in the sweet shops and confectionary like shops. The majority of the gourmet cupcakes found in WDW's bakeries and food locations tend to avoid this type of frosting, but the 4th of July Cupcake actually featured a buttercream similar to the sugary frostings I despise. I'm sure most of this can be attributed to the fact that the caramel flavor increased the sugar content. While I normally would find this as a disappointing factor, I've given it some thought and realized this could have been on purpose. The thicker, sweeter Caramel Buttercream on this apple pie cupcake could be a way to evoke the thought of having a generous scoop of ice cream and caramel sauce on a slice of apple pie. Truly the next step in creating an American dessert more American!

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