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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch on Wheels

20 January 2013

The latest craze on the West Coast and a long beloved late night snack haven at my alma mater, food trucks have reinvented the term fast food. Drive-in, drive-thru, how about drive-to? Food trucks drive to where the people are and set up shop right where they decide to park.

Disney decided to join the bandwagon in order to better serve their guests, by capitalizing on the purpose of a food truck: bring food to the people. Disney's Art of Animation Resort is approaching its one year anniversary in about 4 months, and thanks to those ever persistent and ever present survey people dressed in white and armed with laptops and tablets, the resort learned one of the major concerns with guests staying at the resort. For those staying in the Little Mermaid section, they have the longest walk to the resort's Landscape of Flavors food court. While not a terribly long journey, it is a bit of a hike for hungry guests yearning for a late night snack or eager to start their day of park hopping.

Little Mermaid section of Art of Animation
The Little Mermaid section of Disney's Art of Animation Resort

In response to guest feedback, the resort cast fashioned one of the service golf carts into a food truck and parked it right by the entrance of the main walkway into the Mermaid section. My friends and I were visiting the resort for breakfast and discovered the food truck as we explored the resort. We learned it was actually their first day of testing.

Art of Animation map
The Food Truck was parked at the yellow star and Food Court is located at the green triangle.
Image from Alex M.

Food Cart in Art of Animation Resort
Meals on wheels
Image from Alex M.

Offering continental breakfast selections, the food truck was a nice way to get some quick breakfast and head back to a Mermaid room or have a quick bite on the way to the main food court. The truck sold treats such as fresh fruit, pastries, and chips. An ice filled cooler kept cold foods cold and a table set up nearby held containers for hot beverages. In retrospect, I realize I neglected to ask if I could refill my resort mug at this food truck. I haven't been to the resort since, so I do not know if this cart is still in operation or if the cast found it worthwhile. Though all in all, I am always glad to see that Disney makes such efforts to not only gather feedback from their guests but also respond to them appropriately.

Food Cart at Art of Animation Resort

Art of Animation Food Cart
No cash? No problem! This cast member had a handy credit card reader and a receipt printer on her side!


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