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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Poetry at Big Thunder Ranch

by Guest Author Brent Dodge

Big Thunder Ranch

Out on the West Coast, of the US of A
Is a Land Built by Disney, you should visit today

With the Matterhorn, Pirates, and a land built for cars
Fireworks fill the sky, along with the stars

But besides the thrill, and the wonder about
Is a thing called food, that you should check out

With the Blue Bayou, and Flo's, and Club 33
There is food for everyone, including you and me

Out behind, the Big Thunder Mountain
Is a spot to eat, with soda from fountain

Big Thunder Ranch, is the name of the place
And during the first course you will stuff your face

I'm warning you now, my dear old friend
Pace yourself slowly, for the treat at the end

With two warmed up cookies, and ice cream on top
Your eyes say go, while your stomach screams stop

It's hot and it's cold, like a bath or a sink
You must now go and try it, this I do think

To Big Thunder Ranch, you must now go try
If you pay for my food, out there I'll fly

Big Thunder Ranch


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