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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

29 July 2012

Casey's Corner

Writer's Note: I apologize to my readers, especially those kind enough to write in to the editor asking where I was last Sunday. I was in the process of moving, so between work and moving day preparations, there was little time to write. Thank you for your patience and for returning this week.

Based on the classic Disney cartoon 'Casey at the Bat' from Make Mine Music, which was based on a poem by Ernst Thayer, this week we close International Hot Dog month with Walt Disney World's most popular hot dog establishment, Casey's Corner, on Main Street, U.S.A. To most appreciate today's article, I highly suggest viewing ( or reading ( the Make Mine Music version of 'Casey at the Bat' as narrated by Jerry Colonna.

Oh what a lark
To ride out to the park
For hot dogs at Casey's!
They traveled on feet
To the end of Main Street
For hot dogs at Casey's!

The ladies won't eat fatty junk food at home
They'll order a hot dog for when they're alone
'Cause when they see Casey's, the diet is gone
Casey's, the pride of them all

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Disney guests that day.
The crowds were full of tour groups
From Brazil, they've gone astray.

I was really worried when my friends stood in line
For the menu offered lots of dogs, all sounding very fine
Ah, but Brent Dodge was determined,
He knew that he'd not get sick ills,
With the Chicago-Style Dog, topped by Bell Peppers,
Chicago Relish, and Dill Pickles
'This hot dog is my favorite one,
I eat it for what it's worth,
But still nothing can compare
To a Chicago dog back up north'

I looked on the menu for what was next
Ah, this hot dog is sure to please
Topped with chili and shredded cheddar cheese
Ah, but my health preceded choice,
Of this I must prevent
The cheese is all over the dog
And the dog is all over the cheese, Egad!
'Pass, I'm lactose intolerant'
The next one in the line-up was the Barbecue Slaw Dog
Of all the dogs at Casey's, this was one messy log
Topped with Pulled pork and coleslaw, then barbecue-sauced
This loaded dog was among the highest cost
And last of the main menu was a simple Hot Dog Meal
Just a plain hot dog and fries, or apple slices, what a deal!

Eat at Casey's! Eat at Casey's! Eat at Casey's!
Oh, Casey's has nachos and other ball park food
But mostly just hot dogs
Casey's treats help inspire the ball park mood
But mostly just hot dogs
Casey's has pink cotton candy
Casey's got ol' Cracker Jack, Egad!
When your belly cries
Order French fries
Casey's is good if you just need a snack

Oh, at Casey's I'll chug it for corn dog nuggets,
This is no hokey pokey
I'm really lovin' when I get a dozen
It's sure okey-dokey
They make all the park guests go gaga, it's true
Cast members on break will order them, too
Corn Dog Nuggets, the pride of them all!

When guests' nerves are jagged and their eyes begin to droop,
A jolly man just outside Casey's appears to liven up the group.
While the hungry guests eat and others simply linger,
Joy gleams in this man's eyes, as he flexes his fingers,
From a honky-tonk white instrument, the jolly man knows how to use it,
At Casey's, guests are entertained by rousing ragtime music.
Close by, my friends are standing, eating hot dogs, having fun.
'The piano player,' said Brent, 'Has been here since '71.'

All throughout this corner stand, baseball themes are in sight,
Ah, yes...
All over Casey's Corner, guests eat hot dogs left and right
Outside, the piano's playing sweet,
And guests, their hearts are light,

On Main Street, guests are laughing,
On Main Street, children shout,
There is lots of joy on Main Street,
At Mighty Casey's, we'll pig out!
Casey's, The pride of them all!

Whaddaya know? This blog is over.


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