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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies: 'You don't know the power of the dark chocolate!'

3 June 2012

Rumble-rumble-grumble-I sense a disturbance in the force. It quakes, it shakes, it cries in terror. It's a Jedi. Many Jedi's. No one can mistake this sound the sound of hunger. Balance can easily return to the force by ways of the limited edition intergalactic goodie of this week's Sunday Brunch.

A few weeks ago, the Walt Disney World resort saw the return of the popular Star Wars Weekends, an annual festival of sorts at Disney's Hollywood Studios for Star Wars fans to celebrate the popular science fiction fantasy cinematic series. With exclusive character and celebrity meet and greets, special events, a Star Wars motorcade parade, and exclusive merchandise, there is plenty for Star Wars fans to immerse themselves in. This year, they had Darth's Mall, where exclusive Star Wars related merchandise could be found. Like any mall, Darth's also had a 'food court' where Jedis and padawans could purchase R2D2 snack buckets and the Darth Vader cupcake!

The Darth Vader Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake is a dark and powerful gift from the Sith. This dark treat is made of a chocolate cupcake, topped with a thick swirl of peanut butter frosting, then dipped in a chocolate coating and rolled in chocolate jimmies. If you didn't think that was enough, dark chocolate shavings, a white chocolate light saber, and a finely detailed dark chocolate Darth Vader mask finish the cupcake, making it to be not only a delicious treat, but an elegantly designed and executed cupcake.

With an event as popular as Star Wars weekend, some may fear that Disney may fall victim to the loss of quality due to mass production to keep up with demand. Though this year's cupcake actually looks like its picture in advertisements and exceptionally satisfies hungry guests as far as flavor, taste, and overall quality. Some cupcakes at Walt Disney World are a bit dry, but still good, though the Darth Vader cupcake was incredibly moist and exceptionally chocolately. The peanut butter frosting was not overly sweet nor salty, nor overwhelmingly peanut butter. Some peanut butter snacks make you so thirsty because of the salt content, but the balance was just right for this frosting.

For those of you who remember my White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake review, then you can understand my caution when biting into the Darth Vader decoration. I was actually with my constant food adventure companion Hidden Mickey Alex for both cupcake encounters, and we were both worried about the quality of this chocolate. We were delightfully surprised that this time, the chocolate decoration was actually quality chocolate.

The Darth Vader cupcake is definitely a worthy treat and is a must while celebrating Star Wars weekends. Until the weekends final run in Mid-June, the force will lead you to find the Darth cupcake at the Darth Mall's food court, ABC Commissary, Backlot Express, Studio Catering Company, Pizza Planet, and Starring Rolls. My favorite part about this cupcake was not only did it please in aesthetics and high quality, but dark chocolate for one of the darkest characters in the Star Wars series was quite an appropriate flavor to match the theme.


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