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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: It's Fish!

16 September 2012

Fish are friends'not food. Wait, actually' sorry, Nemo. Fish are food, and pretty darn good if you ask me. Though we won't be dining on our friends from the reef to close Finding Nemo Week, we'll be checking out one of the quick places to grab some fish at Walt Disney World. For that we must travel down the roads of Epcot towards a charming little shop straight out of a fishing hamlet on the English coastline.

Just like a coastal village, the Yorkshire County Fish Shop and adjacent outdoor seating area are right by the waters of the World Showcase lagoon. While not right on the edge, it's nestled high above a lower patio area, both offering fantastic views of World Showcase, and if you're early enough, ideal seating for the evening's Illuminations show. With only a handful of large round tables, it is a bit hard to find a seat on a busy day, though this is not always a bad thing. One night, my roommate and I dined here and a nice couple from Ohio who just moved to Florida noticed we resorted to sitting on the low wall. They invited us to sit with them at their table since it was just two of them and two of us. The kindly wife didn't stop there and proceeded to invite a small group of women from New Jersey to join us as well. Though the meal was brief, the woman's hospitality turned a potentially frustrating situation of having 'no place to sit' into a pleasant evening with complete strangers, brought together by the magical atmosphere of Epcot.

The Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK Pavilion at Epcot is a quick service walk-up counter serving simply battered fried fish, chips, beverages, ale, cookies, and bags of crisps. The shop is quite small, with the kitchen right by the order and pick up counter. Chances are that the fish and chips being prepared and fried before your eyes are the ones you're about to order and receive as the proximity of the kitchen makes the service quite efficient. With each order of fish and chips, you receive 2 small filets of freshly battered-and-fried fish on a bed of chips. Just like at the Rose and Crown (see my review on the August 12, 2012 article of Sunday Brunch), the fish and chips are served on 'newspaper,' a unique presentation further simulating guests' globetrotting Epcot adventure.

I was so hungry, I ate one fish before realizing I did not take a picture!

The fish is cooked quickly and arrives piping hot, with a crisp bread coating and warm, flaky fish, which I'm guessing is codfish. The chips are different and in my opinion, better than the French fries you typically see around WDW. Thickly cut and barely salted, if at all, these chips are some of the best I've found in the resort. Sometimes I just get a craving for chips, and though it is not listed on the menu, guests can indeed order just a basket of chips!

Small and quaint, simple and fresh, the Yorkshire County Fish Shop has become one of my favorite quick service locations at Epcot. Though some may complain it lacks the size and scale of most quick service restaurants at the resort, the two register counters and handful of seating controls the crowds. It also adds to the shop's charm and atmosphere, preventing a mad flurry of activity that you'll see in the larger multi-counter quick service locations of the resort. The atmosphere is pleasant, the service is efficient, and all around it is always a good experience dining here. Even on a hot day, the hot and fresh fish and chips are a great way to get a quick bite to eat and at the same time enhance your Epcot experience.


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