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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies: Hungry Belly Pillages Surprises

by Reuben Gutierrez

31 March 2013

After a long day's work in the deep wood of the Enchanted Forest, I set out to find something to appease the growling beast within my belly. I wondered as I wandered why each hungry person has someplace to eat at, good things at, a delicious little meal to please. As I turned the corner by the castle I found a sleepy little hollow where people were eating waffles and ice cream, their hand and utensils tearing through with a clip clip and a clippity clop, looking for more food to chop. I needed to figure out a plan, or the crowd would have to reason with a hungry man.

Shaking out the tunes in my head as I weaved through the crowds, I stumbled upon a Tall Tale Inn. Nope, too crowded, the lines are too long, I thought with a grimace, so I ventured on and rounded the bend. Just outside the side entrance to the inn on the outskirts of the wild frontier, I found my last chance to rustle up some grub.

Golden Oak Outpost

Like a mirage in the dessert, the Golden Oak Outpost called to me with promises of a chicken dinner. The menu listed only two entrees and while I've had many a nugget in this kingdom, I had not yet tried the Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich. When ordering, I was warned that it was spicy, and while not a fan of this form of cuisine, I opted to try it for the sake of adventure. Given the option of apples of French fries, I opted for the hungry man's diet: meat and potatoes.

Golden Oak Outpost

Golden Oak Outpost
It seems that everyone in the world is out West

With food in hand, I gazed across the horizon for a place to settle and down this meal, but alas, there was not a seat in sight. The crowds were just too much that even this little post on the edge of town was making bank. So as any hungry explorer in the kingdom will do, I set out for another land to settle in. Luckily I knew of a far off tavern in the Caribbean that seldom opened its doors to guests, but still provided an ample amount of seating under its tiled roof.

Despite the heavy crowds in the land, Tortuga Tavern was not open, but luckily for me, this meant plenty of seats to choose from to enjoy my feast. The feast was quite a surprise. The warden at the outpost wasn't kidding, this sandwich was quite spicy, due to whatever spices the cook tossed in the breading for the chicken. Thankfully, they dressed my sandwich in lettuce, tomato, and a ranch dressing; the dairy aspect helping to calm and smother the excitement from the spices. For a quick meal, this suited me just fine and surprised me with its quirky flavor.

Golden Oak Outpost

As I finished my meal, I got up and stretched, and while looking up I saw something new in this area, but very familiar. It was a remnant and salute to the proprietor that once served this establishment.

Golden Oak Outpost
Do you see it?

Golden Oak Outpost
One of the old signs from El Pirate y El Perico

This was certainly a treasured piece of history in this kingdom (and there's more to pillage at Tortuga Tavern), and now it's displayed for all to discover. With the belly beast quelled and a new treasure found, I set off out of the kingdom feeling peaceful and satisfied at the fantastic adventure a hungry stomach so often inspires.




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