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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies: Guava Cupcake

December 4, 2011

With the Muppets putting Thanksgiving to a close and the sights and sounds of Christmas upon us, it is time to revisit some of my favorite places in Disney World to see what the Christmastime holiday season brings. The sweets never seem to end with Sunday Brunch and today we're taking a quick look at a new treat offered at the Sunshine Seasons Food Fair. We've seen the decadently nostalgic S'mores brownie premiere in the summer while the autumn brought Pumpkin Cheesecake, so as December flurries upon us, we expect to see another seasonal treat. The lastest offering in the oh-so-inviting Dessert cooler at Sunshine Season actually has very little to do with the holiday season at all.



Guava is a fruit that comes from the tropical regions of the world including Hawaii, the Caribbean, Florida, and South East Asia. Cuisines all around the world use the fruit for different things; in my research I found it odd and inspiring that many countries choose to eat Guava with a little bit of salt or pepper, soy sauce, and all sorts of ingredients one does not typically associate with fruit. For Sunshine Seasons, the Guava is used in a more familiar application: as a fruit flavor for cupcakes.


The Guava cupcake has a cream cheese frosting garnished with some sort of nut crunch (probably praline) with a guava cupcake and guava jam in the middle. The cream cheese frosting was not overly sweet as if often the problem with any frosting. In addition to being delicious, it was portioned properly and did not tower high above the cupcake as is the issue for many cupcakes in WDW. The nutty crunch added a nice contrast to the soft cream as well as a nutty flavor to balance with the sweet.


The cake part of the cupcake itself seemed to have a subtle guava or peachy flavor. It was sweet as well, but not too much to make the cupcake unfinishable. I had every last crumb, enjoying the subtly of the flavors as well as the harmony of the rich cream cheese frosting and the guava jam. This new dessert is definitely another win for Sunshine Season's seasonal desserts. Even though It has barely anything to do with Christmas, if anything, it is still worth checking out or trying at home this holiday season!


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