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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: A Poem about Chocolate and Peanut Butter by Brent Dodge

February 17, 2013

Editor's Note: Reuben is off in Disneyland eating as much food as possible for future Sunday Brunches, so this week I'll be taking over...poetry style! I hope you enjoy!

While walking through the park
My stomach began to grumble
I realized I needed a snack
Or from hunger I would stumble

I made my way over to Sweet Spells
To find something to hold me over
I began to wonder if it was my lucky day
Even though I had no four leaf clover

There on the bottom shelf
Was my all time favorite snack
When the Cast Member asked me what I'd want
I pointed at the bottom rack

While quite small in size
And adorning Mickey's grin
I knew by eating this
My stomach would soon win

One Mickey Peanut Butter Cup
I said with exclamation
As the Cast Member put it in the bag
My stomach grumbled with anticipation

I took a bite into the amazing chocolate
As peanut butter told my mouth "what up?"
I realized it's the snack everyone must try
The Mickey Mouse Peanut Butter Cup

So next time you are feeling faint
Or even if you want to pig out
Go ahead and grab this snack
It'll make you scream and shout

Found in stores across the World
And sure, it's not exactly cheap
Ignore the fear of bankruptcy
For if you don't eat it, you will weep

Peanut Butter cup




It's All About the Mouse