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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: An Outing to the Rose and Crown

12 August 2012

Our Summer Olympics week comes to a close today, with a look at the cuisine the 2012 Olympic athletes may be enjoying while competing in London, England. At Walt Disney World, the food of the Brits can be found in World Showcase's United Kingdom pavilion at the Rose and Crown Dining Room.

Otium cum dignitate, means 'leisure with dignity,' a common Latin phrase found on many Family shields and crests

With service for lunch and dinner, the Rose and Crown serves up traditional British dishes. My friends and I came for dinner, finding the meat and potatoes dishes we were looking forward to as well as seafood favorites like Roasted Sea Scallops appetizer, Pan-fried Fresh River Trout and the signature Fish and Chips. The dinner menu also included such entrees as the brisket and braised pork (Pork duo), Vegetable Pie n' Mash, and Slow-cooked Chicken Curry, representing the strong influence of Indian cuisine in Great Britain, London especially. Authentic side orders included traditional mashed potatoes, Mushy peas, English chips, and Bubble and Squeak (more on this fun dish later!).

The Rose and Crown is made up of two sections: the Dining Room and the Pub.

Though it was a hot day, we were seated in the shade, outside by the water. Only few restaurants at World Showcase are by the water (Rose and Crown, La Hacienda de San Angel), so it is a nice treat to be seated outside on a beautiful day like that day.

Canadian Caitlin and Hidden Mickey Monday Alex

Arriving around 5 pm, the restaurant was not too busy with guests yet, as more come in the late evening hours for perfect views of Illuminations. Craig, our chipper young server came right away, ready to take our order. He gladly explained the menu, especially since we were intrigued by the Bubble and Squeak. It actually is a dish made from the leftovers from Sunday Roast, or the Sunday evening family dinner. It is mostly potatoes and vegetables like cabbage, and gets its name from the sound it make while frying on the stove. At Walt Disney World, they are not about to re-cook guests' leftovers, so the Bubble and Squeak is made fresh. After ordering, bread arrived to our table in a basket lined with what looked like a British newspaper, but is actually food grade wax paper. The Fish and Chips is also served similarly, a very nice, little way of adding theming to the UK dining experience.

We asked Craig the significance of the '9s' on either side of the menu title. He said it references the street number the Rose and Crown resides on.

Our food arrived, piping hot and fresh and ready to be consumed. Alex and Caitlin went quintessential British and ordered the fish and chips, each receiving a large cut of beer-battered fried fish, a smattering of chips, and ketchup and a house-made Tartar sauce. We actually learned that Tartar sauce is not a British thing, but most American guests have come to expect it with fried fish.

I ordered the Cottage Pie, a sort of Shepherds pie made with ground beef, onions, carrots, mushrooms, creamy mashed potatoes, and cheddar cheese. While not in a pie crust, the Cottage pie was cooked in a large ramekin, covered with a nicely piped layer of mashed potatoes, then crusted with a delicious cheesy layer of cheddar cheese, and Bob's your uncle! Each bite was filled with ground beef, though I would've fancied a little more vegetables in the mix. Still, very filling and robust.

Caitlin ordered the bubble and squeak and we all had to try a bit of it. We were positively chuffed by the strong and savory flavor of the hodgepodge of vegetables and meat. Not to mention the pool of gravy it was sitting in!

The British really know how to fill you up with calories, and still we found room for a bit of sweets. We each ordered a different dessert, and well, pictures speak 1000 words!

Jaffa Tarts

Jaffa Tarts ' orange cream filled cakes with chocolate ganache, raspberry sauce, and fresh oranges

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Mandy's Mess ' Freshly baked Pound Cake with Berries and Ribena Syrup

Our dining experience at the Rose and Crown was truly an authentic British outing. Not only did we have authentic British food, it even rained halfway through our meal. The servers were energetic, incredibly friendly, informative, and helpful, pulling down the patio tarps when they sensed the rain was coming. By the end our server did get a bit busy and we waited a little too long for the bill. Codswallop, if you ask me, but still, we had a jolly good time! Cheers!


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