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Sunday Brunch

Super Sunday Brunch with Super Foods

29 April 2012

Spiderman: Marvel superhero, Disney owned character, spokesperson for healthy eating-these are the elements that led to today's Super Hero Week article of Sunday Brunch! One of my favorite moments from the first Spiderman film was when our hero performs another death defying act off of a building and upon landing a child asks him how he does it. Spiderman's advice: 'Eat your fruits and vegetables!' Spidey is right; fruits and vegetables provide an enhanced source of energy in our daily lives, and this energy is what enables super heroes and everyone to accomplish tasks big and small!

Today we'll be looking at random places around Walt Disney World where you too can power up your theme park meal with the fuel of superheroes. Most guests have a limited amount of time to spend in the parks, so families zoom in and out of Quick Service restaurants to maximize playtime. While it is quite common to find vegetable sides and servings at Table Service restaurants, in Disney and anywhere, it is sometimes harder to find in these Quick-Service locations where heavy, greasy food dominates.

As discussed last week, it is difficult to find better food options at the Magic Kingdom, but the few exceptions actually fit in today's topic. Two of the greatest sources of healthier eating can be found in Liberty Square!

At Columbia Harbour House, the menu was revamped several months ago, adding more seafood entrees and healthier options. For a hearty, yet healthy meal, to power up your day, order the Broccoli Peppercorn Salad containing mixed greens with chicken, parmesan, and bacon and also garden vegetables, broccoli with a creamy Peppercorn dressing. For those wanting a lighter salad, try the Garden Harvest Salad with mixed greens, garden vegetables, green beans, carrots, and chicken. Additionally, Columbia Harbour House adds the option of fruits and vegetables with nearly every entree. Rather than being limited to French Fries, the recent trend of apple slice substitutes is found here as well as the option for steamed fresh broccoli. With such healthy food options, I'm sure this would be one of Spiderman's top Magic Kingdom food picks.

Grilled Salmon with Steamed Fresh Broccoli and Cous Cous

Around the corner towards the central hub of the Magic Kingdom, stop by Sleepy Hollow Refreshments for a sweet and healthy treat: the Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich. Though the Waffle and Nutella portions of this sandwich may not be the healthiest items, they do provide the quick energy sources needed for hero work! Though to balance and enhance your super food experience, the fresh fruit of the sandwich provides the natural sugar sources, vitamins and minerals needed from fruit.

Healthy eating may be tricky to find in the parks, though in recent experiences, I've found some of Disney's Deluxe resorts have many healthy eating options. At the Contemporary Resort's quick service location Contempo Caf' offers such menu items as the chicken artichoke Flatbread, a variety of tossed to order salads, and the Veggie Bake, as seen below. An assortment of chopped tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and other vegetables are baked to make a delicious vegetable casserole of sorts. Topped with a sprinkling of goat cheese, this was a perfect accompaniment to any meal, packed with power through vitamins and minerals in the vegetables with calcium and healthy milk proteins from the cheese.

Across the property at the Animal Kingdom Lodge's quick service restaurant the Mara, guests will find a variety of healthy entrees with African and Indian flavors. The African Stew serves a variety of fresh vegetables over a bed of Basmati Rice while the pita sandwiches come with fresh greens, cucumber, and hummus. Hummus is a terrific spread made from garbanzo beans and packed with a different type of protein source not found in meat and poultry. I recently had the Chicken Pita sandwich, and while I would have liked a little more hummus spread on the pita bread, I did like that the sandwich was filling and fresh. These were certainly elements for a super meal!

Being a super hero is not just about heroic acts and super powers. We can be like our favorite super heroes by eating healthy, and at the Walt Disney World resort, this is not an impossible task. With Disney's recent directive for healthier eating in the parks, we are seeing more and more revisions to menus and improvements to the already excellent food quality at the resort. Freshness has always been a key factor in my reviews of Disney foods, and most of that can be credited to the fresh fruits and vegetables provided in these meals. Super Heroes save lives. Fresh fruits and vegetables save super heroes!

Fuel the superhero in you with these fresh fruits and vegetables in these Quick Service Restaurants already discussed on Sunday Brunch:

Animal Kingdom
- - Fresh melon and fresh fruit at Flame Tree Barbecue (

- - Vegetable Sides and dishes at Katsura Grill (

Hollywood Studios
- - Vegetable Pizza and salads at Pizza Planet (

Magic Kingdom
- - Whole Fruit and fruit beverages at Cheshire Cafe (


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