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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Traditional Treat for Christmas in Epcot

30 December 2012

The Yule Log is a centuries old Christmas tradition and custom found in several cultures in Europe. While serving different purposes for each country, one remains the same: the Yule Log is actually a log or made to look like one. The latter is true for the Yule Log or rather buche de Noel, a dessert from France served at Christmastime. The buche de Noel is typically a sponge cake or yellow cake baked in a shallow pan, and spread with buttercream, jam, or other flavored filling and rolled like a jellyroll then decorated with buttercream to look like a log.

Being a distinctly Christmas and European dessert, the buche de Noel can be found in Walt Disney World's worldly theme park, Epcot. Though I did not check to see if the France bakery was selling any for the holidays, I did stumble upon a miniature version at my favorite Sunshine Seasons in the Land pavilion. Though just labeled a 'Seasonal Dessert' the buche de Noel surely caught the eyes of many guests with its colorful sugar mushroom garnishes and realistic buttercream 'bark.'

Yule Log at Sunshine Seasons

Epcot's version was a light sponge cake, probably a chiffon cake, with a raspberry jam filling. The bark was made with a particularly thick chocolate buttercream, making the texture of the 'bark' both appealing in sight and taste. Traditionally, the mushroom d'cor is made from meringue, though I could see how the pre-made sugar garnishes could save time for the Epcot bakers. While adorable, the sugar mushrooms were unfortunately incredibly stiff and unpleasant to eat with virtually no taste outside of sweet. Overall though, the dessert as a whole was delicious and falls under the just right, not overly sweet Disney desserts category. The raspberry jam was a good choice as it is always a good flavor combination with chocolate. I definitely enjoyed Epcot's buche de Noel for its holiday timeliness and tradition as well as a delicious dessert.

Yule Log at Sunshine Seasons


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