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Thursday Treasures

December 5, 2013

Christmas reveals in Disneyland by Matt Myers

Hi everyone and welcome to Disneyland! It is Christmas time here and today we are going to be talking about a big reveal! While walking towards the Haunted Mansion you are immersed in decorations celebrating Christmas representing The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Haunted Mansion HOliday

In addition to this fun theme, over in Fantasyland, it's a small world is all decked out for Small World Holiday. Here you go through different rooms including one of my favorites where Alice is in England! When you make your way to the final room you are surrounded by a big snowman that seems to stand 200 feet tall and weigh hundreds of pounds!

Snowman at small world

The reveal to see him is amazing but my favorite reveal during the Christmas season is back in the Haunted Mansion when you see the gingerbread house inside the dining room. This gingerbread house changes every year so if you are like me, you want to make trips to the attraction every year to see the new gingerbread house! I even made a video featuring my favorite reveals! Enjoy and happy holidays!



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