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Thursday Treasures

January 12, 2012 by Brent Dodge

One Year!

We've spent a year talking about different Disney items that we consider treasures over the past year. Some of them are vacation memories, stuffed animals, or experiences that only Disney could provide, but there is one that has been overlooked throughout the year.

OnOne year ago this site began the From Screen to Theme Days of the Week section of the site. It was an idea I came up with while walking through the park with a very simple plot: bring Disney fans an article on a daily basis that they can read and improve their Disney knowledge on all things food, games, Hidden Mickeys, parks, characters, films, and much much more. Over the past year we've had almost 365 articles (bringing almost 365 new individual pages to the site), but there is one thing that has really stood out in my mind since day one.

The first article ever posted was Hidden Mickey Monday and that first day I received several different messages from fans of the site pointing out their new love for the site and the Days of the Week. The response was amazing and for the first few weeks we received several emails congratulating us for our new addition.

Since then we have received several Thursday Treasures submissions, emails thanking us for our hard work, and new friendships that have been born. While going to different Disney events around the country you, the fans, have approached me thanking me and other writers for our weekly contributions, but today I want to turn that around to you and thank you for reading our articles over the past year.

Yes, we put a lot of work in the site, but if it weren't for you, the reader, this site would be nothing. You've helped us make this milestone of one year and because of that, this week's Thursday Treasure is you, the Disney fan that has been a driving force for the site over the past year. Thank you for an amazing year! All of the Days of the Week writers and I love you all and we will be forever grateful for your continued support. And just you wait to see what we have in store this year!


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