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Thursday Treasures

April 28, 2011 by Shawn & Kayla Boe

Disney Everywhere!

Wouldn't it be nice to live close to a Disney park? Not everyone has that luxury, especially for us up in Washington State. I know we aren't that far from Disneyland, but with gas prices and airfare on the rise it sure seems like a long way!

So other than heading south, what can we do? Hey - we have an idea!! What if we all attend the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet?

This annual gathering of Disney friends started in 2009. Who would have thought that all 150 available tickets would sell out the very first year?!?! We had a magical time! Door prizes, exhibits, pin trading, and an amazing lineup of special speakers. After such a great time in 2009, we had to ask...How on earth were they going to surpass the MAGIC in 2010?

Well, the 2010 Pacific NW Mousemeet brought even more magic and excitement than we could have imagined. We had out of state visitors in attendance, great vendors who set up tables for shopping, and great displays of Disney history and nostalgia. And the Mousetalgia Podcast gang joined us! Before you could say Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo all 300 tickets had sold out, the Seattle newspapers covered the event with several articles, and there was pixie dust flowing all over the Pacific NW!

Most exciting were the keynote speakers who were lined up. Each speaker at the event delighted us with a presentation and after each appearance, we were able to meet the presenter and get their autographs! I can hear you asking...."Who came to visit the 2010 Pacific NW Meet and Greet???" These are the people who came to grace us with their presence:

Disney Legend - Bob Gurr

Original reference model for Tinkerbell - Margaret Kerry (she even read to us out of Peter Pan!)

Disney Historian and former Imagineer - Jeff Kurtti

And of course, the 501st Legion!

Not to mention:

Deb Wills, noted Historian David Lesjak, and Lou Mongello! Everyone who attended enjoyed the presentations our special guests made, AND we also had...wait for it...Dole Whip! Yes, the same Dole Whip that is served in the park! That's how we roll in the Pacific Northwest!

The only thing missing? You guessed it - Brent Dodge, author of From Screen to Theme. Maybe we can persuade him to attend next year?

The 2011 Mouse Meet is taking place in June of this year. If you can't attend personally, we will be happy to attend for you. You can then expect a recap of the amazing, magical experiences taking place in Lynnwood, Washington.


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