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Thursday Treasures

April 3, 2014

My ten favorite Disney movies by Matt Myers

Hi everyone! I am back with an article featuring my top ten Disney films of all time and a quick reason for why it is on my list!

1) Wreck-It Ralph. I thought Wreck-It Ralph was a good movie that was also very funny.

2) The Little Mermaid. This movie is outstanding! It's a great story about a girl who lives under the water and falls in love with a human. What's not to love?

3) Beauty and the Beast. I put this as number 3 because when Belle falls in love with Beast it's tough for someone not to know what true love is.

Beast from Beauty and the Beast

4) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The original Disney princess film!

5) Pinocchio. I love the song I've Got No Strings.

6) Aladdin. It's got everything! A Thief that falls in love with a princess, the villain Jafar trying to make Jasmine fall in love with him. And it has A Whole New World!

7) Cinderella. It's a great movie by Mr. Disney!

8) Mary Poppins. I love Let's Go Fly a Kite, Spoonful of Sugars, and of course Feed the Birds.

9) Peter Pan. The second star to the right is truly where dreams come true.

What's number 10 you ask?

10) Frozen. I love Frozen! It's a good movie and show that true love isn't just waiting for a kiss to break a spell, but the love between siblings can be true love too. I love Love is an Open Door, Let it Go, and the Olaf song about Summer!


What is your top ten?


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