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Thursday Treasures

July 12, 2012

Alan Young: The History of Scrooge McDuck's Voice

By Justin Smith

You may remember two months ago, I wrote an article for sharing my Disney comic collection. Something cool happened to me the past week that relates to those comics.

I mentioned in that article how Scrooge McDuck has been one of Disney's most fascinating characters because he actually first appeared on comics instead of a short or a movie. The first time Scrooge McDuck appeared on screen was for the 1967 short "Scrooge McDuck And Money"(one of the few shorts that has yet to be released on DVD). He was voiced by veteran Disney voice-artist Bill Thompson.

Scrooge McDuck wouldn't be seen on screen again for 16 years until Disney's released Mickey's Christmas Carol, Mickey's first cartoon in 30 years. The short was based a Disney record that was co-written by Alan Young, most famous for having played Wilbur on the popular 1960s sitcom Mister Ed. When Disney decided to adapt the record into the short, they asked Alan Young, since Bill Thompson had passed away, if he would be interested in voicing the old Scottish duck. Alan Young accepted, and became the official voice for Scrooge McDuck ever since.

Scrooge McDuck would become quite a ubiquitous throughout the 1980s/early 1990s, thanks in large part to the hit television series DuckTales, where for every week for 4 seasons, he embarked on his various adventures in Duckberg.

Since DuckTales has been off the air, Scrooge doesn't make many appearances, outside of the comics, anymore. But whenever he does, be it on episodes of House of Mouse, the direct-to-videos "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" and "Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas," or even on the video-game "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep" released just a couple years ago, Alan Young, who as of this date in 92 years old, is happy to come and record lines as everyone's favorite billionaire duck.

Since DuckTales is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary on September 18th this year, and since 2013, which also happens to be the year of the next D23 Expo, is the 30th anniversary of Mickey's A Christmas Carol, it would be nice if Disney selected Alan Young to be a Disney Legend. We'll just have to wait and see when the Legends are announced.

So why did I just ramble on about the history of Scrooge's voice? Well, having always been interested in starting an autograph collection, I pursued to get Alan Young's autograph. Not only did I get his autograph, but as icing on the cake, I happened to get a signed photo of Scrooge McDuck from Mickey's A Christmas Carol.

If your interested in getting his autograph, you can visit Alan Young's website at Be warned, they can be pricey, considering you also have to pay shipping, but if you love Scrooge McDuck and are interested in autograph collecting, its well worth a look.


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