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Thursday Treasures

May 24, 2012

20 Years of Fantasmic! by Matt Myers

I'd like to give a shout out to Fantasmic! I do think Disneyland's version is better since I love the setting on the Rivers of America. If you want a good seat you should get there at least half an hour before the show starts, but I'd get there earlier if I were you. I think Disneyland should get a Fastpass system for the show like World of Color does. Those of you who have been to Disney World have Fantasmic! too, but I don't think you know the magic you are missing over at Disneyland.

The show starts off with a narrator who talks about imagination. The lights then go up and music begins to play as lights blink around. Mickey appears and he then shoots off fireworks from his hand! He then switches to a water screen. Some sections that are in Disneyland, but not in Disney World's versoin that I love are the Pink Elephants on Parade sequence, Pinocchio scene, and the Jungle book! The best part of Fantasmic is the Peter Pan segment though!

Towards the end of the show the villains try and attack Mickey and soon Maleficent comes out and turns into an 8 foot tall dragon that actually breathes fire! It's really cool! You can find Maleficent in Disney World's version too, but I think the Disneyland segment with her is ten times better.

At the very end you can find all the characters aboard the Mark Twain. The show has been around for twenty years now and I think its an awesome show that people should see in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland and one point or another.

How many times have you seen the show? What are your favorite parts? Let's talk about it on the forums! The show is so cool, but I think Mickey describes the show the best with his last line: Some imagination, huh?


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