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Thursday Treasures

September 6, 2012

My Three Favorite Rides by Ethan Jobe

This year my family went to Disney World. My three favorite rides were Toy Story Mania, Thunder Mountain, and Peter Pan.

The reason I like Toy Story is because it's five mini-games. Second it blows air and water in your face. Third it's really fun. It's at Hollywood Studios.

Here I am finishing Toy Story Mania

I like Thunder Mountain because it's really fast. Second, it's funny to hear people scream. Third it's scary. It's at Magic Kingdom.

Getting ready to ride Thunder Mountain

I like Peter Pan because it feels like you are floating. It's cool to look at the sword fight and see where they live. It's nice and slow. It's at the Magic Kingdom.

Me and my sisters ready to go to Magic Kingdom to ride Peter Pan

I like Thunder Mountain, Toy Story Mania, and Peter Pan. They are all very fun. You can't say no to them.


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