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Thursday Treasures

September 20, 2012

Walt Disney Classic Collection

By Justin Smith

Today marks the anniversary of my birth, or as most would call it, my birthday. It'll involve cake, ice cream, and some celebratory beverages. I don't expect many presents for my birthday, but one thing I do expect is a new addition to my Walt Disney Classic Collection.

For those of you who are not in the know, Walt Disney Classic Collection are a series of sculptures of Disney characters, modeled straight from Disney itself. They come in a fancy green box.

As well as a model sheet of the character.

As well as a little book that is more of an ad for the other WDCCs than anything else.

The first sculpture I got was Pluto which I received for my 18th birthday from my parents. Since Pluto isn't one of my all-time favorite Disney, my unfamiliarity with the line and because I was secretly hoping for something else I wasn't overly excited for it initially. But it has since grown on me, and I am now a huge fan of the line and a mini-collector of sorts, as I have always gotten a new addition for my birthday/graduation/special occasion etc.

I admit, I don't have as many as others, but so far I have Pluto, Goofy, Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse, and two versions of Jiminy Cricket (one before his transformation as Pinocchio's conscience and one as Pinocchio's conscience. I'll have to wait until later today to find out who I'll be adding to my collection.

They're limited, so they don't come cheap, but they're very well made and well-packaged that they are worth considering collecting for any serious Disney fan.


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