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Thursday Treasures

February 2, 2012

With two years behind us we have made some huge progress on the site. We've had thousands upon thousands of views, almost 1,000 pages, almost 4,000 pictures, and as always, more and more ideas that we can build upon for the future.

Two years ago today we opened with five pages. These pages consisted of the welcome page, the store (which had nothing to sell yet), the about section, videos, and a blog. Within the next few weeks we added an updates section, trivia, games, and a whole lot more.

Just a little over a year ago we launched our Days of the Week column which helped double our numbers in the second year, and with huge moments on the Wednesday show from discussing the D23 Scavenger Hunt to interviewing Dave Smith, we have continued to have a site that started with five pages turn into a site that (by this time next year) should have somewhere around 2,000 pages.

I would like to thank every person out there that has stood by my side for the past two years and helped grow into the site we all know and love today. From our Days of the Week writers, to our Picture of the Day submitters (even the ones who have it stolen) to you, our loyal reader, this site is what it is because of you. So thank you everyone for an amazing two years! We have so much planned for the next year that it will hopefully blow your mind! See you around the site!


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