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Thursday Treasures

April 26, 2012

My second year of being a part of From Screen to Theme and the W.E.D.nesday Show by Matt Myers

I just got back form Disneyland on Monday, March 9th and began to talk to Diz the day afterwards. He told me about the W.E.D.nesday Show and I decided to check it out. The second week I came on I met Melissa and Pap who I introduced myself to them and found out they were on Facebook too. I added them and the host Brent Dodge. I soon found Albert and Becky and was soon addicted to the show. I then bought a copy of the book and went to Disneyland!

In May, 2010 the W.E.D.nesday Show had it's first show in Disneyland and I met Brent, Frank, and Dave in person the next day. We went on Space Mountain and I got Brent to autograph my copy of the book. I was so happy to be the first person to join the show in Disneyland!

When Destination D came to Disneyland I decided to compete against Brent Dodge in a Scavenger Hunt, and later that day we had a meet where I met a lot of the WEDfriends including Kayla, Shawn, Joey, and more! I had so much fun that I became a D23 Member that day.

In 2011 I met my first Disney Legend, Bob Gurr (who made the monorail and submarine) and I met the Disney Geek the same day! After that I eventually went to the Walt Disney Studios for my first time for an event too! I then went to the Disney Imagineering shop, Mickey's of Glendale and took a full tour of the studio where I met Dave Smith which was awesome!

The D23 Expo was unbelievable. I saw the 2011 Disney Legends receive their awards and I met so many WEDfriends at the meet including Becky, Mariel, Erik and Shelly, Shawn and Kayla, Lonnie, and finally met Brent's mom and brother for the first time. I have had a great time knowing everyone the last two years and I hope you have enjoyed hanging out with me in person and in the chat!


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