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Thursday Treasures

November 10, 2011

by Matt Myers

Hi everybody! I'm back once again and this time we are going to watch World of Color, the show that can only be found at Disney California Adventure in Paradise Bay. Let's head back to August 30, 2010 when I saw World of Color for the first time!

World of Color opened on June 11, 2010 when Mickey decided to talk on stage with Tom Stags and Bob Iger.

It's the most popular show in the Disney parks. Disney World doesn't have a very good spot for World of Color, but I think people who usually go to Walt Disney world should hop on a plane to California and watch the show! I would love to go with you and tell you fun facts!

The first time I saw World of Color was during Summer Nightastic with my Dad. We watched from the red section which was pretty cool. The second time I watched it was during an annual passholder event. This time I watched it with my grandma and we sat in the blue section, which I recommend since it's better viewing!

I watched it from another section on a special day! It was the D23 Two Year Anniversary Mixer. We met at the ESPN Zone and had dinner there. This is also where I met Bob Gurr! I watched World of Color from the yellow section that time and that was amazing! It was so amazing watching it with Bob Gurr and being able to see it on a special night like that. Of all the places I've seen it from, I think the yellow is the best by far!

Let's move on to the dancing nozzles and misters that bring the show to life. The water fountains can go 90 feet in the air and dance to music just like the ones I've seen in Las Vegas. They also use huge propane tanks to get the fire effects! The fountains dance to the music and the misters can cover the whole lagoon! It's a very cool show!

The only spot I have not yet been in is the dining section. I am thinking about doing that soon so I can figure out if that is even better than yellow! If you have any questions about the show, I'd love to talk to you about the show! You can email me at

Enjoy the show!


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